De-fund Planned Parenthood

    Their BS has gone beyond ridiculous to dangerous I was flipping thru the channels this afternoon and happened to catch Glenn Beck interviewing a young lady from UCLA from a student organization who had gone to a Planned Parenthood clinic in Memphis, Tn. Story goes like this; Lila Rose, 20-year-old UCLA student and president of the nonprofit Live Action, entered Planned Parenthood’s Memphis Health Center | Read More »

    CA Legislators cut pay for state workers-increase pay for staffers-well almost!

    As if nobody will notice! This is getting to be dog bites man news out here, but it’s always good to see the bad get caught. Three-fifths of the Big Five in California, Assembly Speaker: Karen Bass (Democrat), Senate President pro tempore: Darrell Steinberg (Democrat), and Assembly Minority Leader: Michael Villines (Republican) thought rewarding their staffer’s hard work with merit pay increases would somehow be | Read More »

    Tea Party Media bias Awards-We have a Winner!

    Using tape of libs pretending to be Tea Party protesters? C’mon! In an age when there should be nothing that surprises anyone anymore, even I was taken aback by the blatant bias in the OSM (Obama Sold Media). CNN’s Anderson Cooper with his tremendously witty “teabagging” references can’t even pretend journalistic integrity. But this one has to be the winner, hands down.

    Email and Twitter Addresses of Left-Wing Media Saying Tea Partiers Are Fake-FreedomWorks

    Via FreedomWorks (the alleged masterminds of the Tea Party Movement) Left-wing media has spent the past few days trying to discredit the Tea Party movement before today’s nation-wide anti-big government protests.  Knowing the significance of such an outpouring of opposition to big government, they want America to believe it is centrally controlled and contrived, and therefore not as important as it is. We know it | Read More »

    Tea Bags for LNN (Formerly CNN)

    Obviously they’re beyond coffee’s help there at the Liberal News Network For Mizz Susan Roesgen as she takes supreme offense to an Obama as Hitler sign, while it’s perfectly ok to do the same to Bush; Another group catches her mocking a man with a 2 year old child; So, passed around on Twitter today is a good idea. This in response to @ChristinaPerk suggesting | Read More »

    Bill Press Smells a Rat? Maybe it’s him?

    If all our Tea Party protests are paid for by big organizations like Freedom Works, where exactly am I supposed to submit my invoices? Let’s see, gas to and from the various protests, countless hours on the phone. What’s my time worth, Bill? I’m just going to put this out there, if anyone is getting their various websites paid for, (domain names, server hosting, etc.) | Read More »

    A New Way Forward addendum

    Just to clarify, on the surface the group A New Way Forward looks like it has the right idea; NATIONALIZE: Experts agree on the means — Insolvent banks that are too big to fail must incur a temporary FDIC intervention – no more blank check taxpayer handouts. (see Krugman on nationalization) Krugman in his linked article says he’s all for bank nationalization, only as long | Read More »


    A New Way Forward? Or poseur hosers?

    Hardly Seems like just yesterday the Teaparty movement was born, and on Feb 27, the first wave hit. Now the Big One is less than a week away. April 15 will be massive, and the liberals are scared. I’m sure there’ll be some argument from them on this, but if it weren’t true, why go to all the trouble to discredit? Via Michelle Malkin; Bob | Read More »

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein Hates Alternative Energy!

    Testing the “If Feinstein Was a Republican” headline So California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who wants a big push on “Alternative Energy”, more specifically “new renewable and energy efficient technologies“, but can’t agree that the Mojave Desert which “receives up to twice the sunlight received in other regions of the country” would be a good place to start? What is the reason for her apparent hesitation? | Read More »

    California turns Pink. Ick

    More stupid Union tricks The California Teachers Union announced to the world that Friday March 13 would be “Pink Friday”, a day to protest proposed budget cuts and “Teacher Layoffs” state wide. Want gall? The kids, instead of being in school, are invited to join the fun! Those who actually do remain in class are reminded to wear pink to school. Not my kid you | Read More »

    How big an idiot is Matthews?

    About this big? Via Powerline Blogs, former President Bush Ari Fleischer was invited onto Hard-Boiled by Chrissie “Tingly” Matthews, who as the interview opens tries to pretend Fleischer asked to be there. Matthews, asking; “Why are you here?” Fleischer reminds Matthews “…you invited me.” Lil’ Chrissie goes on asking questions, and attempting to interrupt the answers, finally saying “I’m happy we no longer have an | Read More »

    Has the so-called Stimulus been stolen from Californians-by California Politicians?

    State tax increases will steal any credit we might get Supposedly we Americans will be getting a tax cut beginning April 1. Fitting date for the people of California, because with all the various taxes and fees we’ll soon be getting hammered with, it looks like Stimulus (Porkulus) will be an April Fool’s joke. …beginning April 1, a 1 cent increase in the state sales | Read More »

    Looking for Tax Protest or Tea Party coverage in the LA Times? Don’t bother

    8,000 angry anti-tax protesters don’t rate the same coverage… …as “Hundreds of Vietnamese Americans demonstrated Saturday outside a provocative art exhibit in Santa Ana that had featured Communist symbols that protesters claimed mocked their painful experiences as political refugees.” Really? Not even “About 100 demonstrate outside Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, upset that the pastor opposed to gay marriage was chosen by Obama to give | Read More »

    Local GOP Reborn!

    Can you say “halleluiah”? Not too long ago I went looking for information on our local Ventura County GOP home page, and was surprised to find a site that had gone largely unedited for nearly a year. I was depressed and wrote about it, then went looking for answers. I received a quick response, and left assured things were indeed happening. Life goes on, I | Read More »

    After Teaparty. Now what?

    We go back home and wait for the axe to fall? No, I don’t think so! A strong statement was made, but the Dems in Congress are probably thinking; “The Cons were restless, but they’ll give up and go away after this, they always do.” They’re right, we always do. We work multiple jobs, and get back into the rut where we’re shoveling the coal | Read More »