What kind of crap is THIS?

    Sorry for the language, but damn Just saw this little blurb about “The Pentagon” lifting restrictions about taking pictures of our deceased service men and women “if the families of casualties agree.” Like they’ll be asked Like they’d agree if they were Like my current CinC keeps promises? Note to Obama; first damn time you let HuffPo or anyone else use pics of my KIA | Read More »

    How else does California waste school tax money? Maybe teaching Spanish to Spanish speaking kids?

    A program designed apparently to make the non-English speaking kids, and kids fluent in, ahem, Spanish feel better about themselves, is costing California taxpayers money we were just told we didn’t have. It’s called the Advanced Placement Program, which is a program that offers college level courses at high schools across the United States and Canada, and is usually much more rigorous than the general | Read More »

    How Iraq was Won

    Give ya a hint, it wasn’t all flag officers and politicians Every day, NCOs in Humvees, junior officers from Captain on down were dealing with the local police and Iraqi army units one on one. The Staff Sergeants, Gunnys, and corpsmen went face to face with local people and called them out. They coached, encouraged, and shamed when necessary. They went into dangerous areas not | Read More »

    California Conservatives Stampeded by RINOs Twice in One Month

    Nationally first, THEN California for a change. I had to take a break. I was pissed at getting backstabbed twice. I sat down and watched stupid but funny YouTube videos after the marathon California senate session where RINO “Republican” Abel Maldonado cast the deciding vote in the Democrat party’s favor and passed the biggest single state tax increase in our nation’s history, and now finds | Read More »

    Heads on a Stick!

    Some Ca GOP Senators are aware of their endangered status Cal Senator Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria) is in the bulls eye of both Senate majority leader Darryl Steinburg and the more conservative Californians, both trying to sway Maldonado to vote either Yes or No on the massive tax increases. In this picture Steinburg is trying to convince Maldonado (R) and Senator Dave Cox (R-District 1) | Read More »

    Cal Senate Dems Desperate for Third RINO

    Got two, need one more, anyone? After two days of Democrats trying desperately to convince the GOP that what they were trying to accomplish wasn’t really to raise taxes to appease their union benefactors but to save the state, they failed to coerce enough of the Republicans to get it done. The Democrats did manage to convince two of the three Republicans they needed, Senate | Read More »

    Somebody kick the Blue Dog?

    Pelosi threaten to take them to dinner? What? Prior to the House voting on the massive Porkulus bill this Friday, there were many in the Democrat Blue Dog Coalition who expressed reservations about being asked to vote for the monster without having sufficient time to read it. One of whom was Charles Melancon (D-La.), the Blue Dog Co-Chair for Communications; Democratic leaders went ahead and | Read More »

    Why is this California Senator voting “No”?

    Sorry, not either of those Senators. The California legislature is getting ready for a Saturday session, deals having been made by some of our own Squish legislators with the Democrats to raise taxes, rather than face the ire of the state labor unions. We have our own race to sign on the Left Coast, with pressure being ratcheted up on legislators from both sides of | Read More »

    Californians ask, Where’s Our Money Gone?

    Pretty obvious the state is broke; we’re over taxed, what gives? One thing is no surprise, Californians keep voting for bond propositions like tougher sentencing for criminals and healthcare for kids, all good ideas, but with no additional funding sources allocated the draw is heavy. Mercury News did an analysis that states basically California spent more than it took in. Duh. Sacramento politicians used accounting | Read More »

    Senator Collins on her Defection to the Dark Side

    “Well I hope my colleagues will remember we cut over 150 billion…” Yeah Senator Collins, how about the rest? The House Stimulus bill was analyzed by the Congressional Budget Office, who said it would be too slow to stimulate. The Senate added to the cost, does that make it a better bill? Lords86 asks two questions of Collins, but primary is this; Would someone please | Read More »

    Happy Birthday, Mr. President

    A grateful nation misses you No words to describe the feeling of watching the Democrat majority try to drive home what they hope will be their final nails in the coffin of the Reagan Revolution, and then to watch this; Link if video embed still doesn’t work for me here. We are the keepers of the flame for the Reagan Revolution, lighting the “Shining City | Read More »

    From the Who is McConnell Kidding? Dept.

    Himself maybe? After being backstabbed by “one of their own” in Tennessee, now the GOP is to believe they can trust a Democrat, Governor John Lynch, to “Do the honorable thing” and appoint a Republican or Independent to replace Senator Judd Gregg in New Hampshire if he takes the Obama gig as secretary of commerce? Rather than do what might further his own career by | Read More »

    MORE Calif Economic Stupidity? Pelosi sticks her nose in

    Is it even possible? Yes, it’s possible. Insane, but that’s what we’ve come to expect. What do you think The California State Lands Commission would say to a plan that would be worth billions of dollars for the state treasury, was supported by local Democrat lawmaker Lois Capps, and such environmental groups as the Environmental Defense Center, and did I say would be worth billions | Read More »

    What’s a TCOT?

    I was asked that question today, and I realized “What the heck is a TCOT anyway?” At first, we were a reaction to what we thought was unthinkable, the most liberal Senator in the United States Senate was now President-Elect of the United States. Where did we go wrong? We gathered together, drawn almost as one to go online to seek answers. And we found | Read More »

    More California Scheming?

    I did my taxes today. I’m screwed next year when my daughter turns 18 as instead of basically being a single Dad, I’ll be a single white male. Slime in California. Turns out I’ll get a whopping $69 back from the Feds (or so), and almost a $600 check (IOU) from the State of California. Whoohoo. But if California Democrats have their way, not only | Read More »