CA: Some GOP Legislators put Taxes Back on the Table

    It finally happened, as it usually does, state Democrat legislators seem to have been able to reach a few “reasonable” Republicans and get them to agree to tax increases under “certain conditions”. In a “Read my lips” moment California GOP legislators signed a State Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which set in stone their commitment to all Californians to not allow California Democrats to simply tax and | Read More »

    In California, Atlas Twitches

    It seems over the last several years quite a few stories have cropped up in the news of Californians abandoning the state. In 2005, they were headed to the Midwest; A growing number of people are leaving California after a decade of soaring home prices, according to separate data from the Census Bureau, the Internal Revenue Service and the state’s finance department. Last year, a | Read More »

    Farewell to the Chief-“Mission Accomplished”

    There’s a picture wall at all military units, with the chain of command from the unit’s Commanding Officer all the way to the Commander in Chief. In between the two are the top military and civilian leaders, and the pictures change as commands and appointments change. I’ll never forget the cold January in 2001 when the picture of former President William J. Clinton was removed, | Read More »

    Update on Ventura County GOP

    I just had the pleasure of speaking with one Chris Collier, newly assigned Executive Director of the Ventura County Republican Party. I’ll say one thing about this man, he’s energetic! He’s a self-described “Tech Geek”, with a head full of ideas and a plan to paint the County of Ventura bright red, as it was once. The local site should be up soon, and the | Read More »

    There IS life in our local GOP

    RE: Plans for the future? Within 24 hours of my sending an email to our Ventura County GOP, an answer was received by the new Executive Director. My sense is, as a state all but abandoned by the National Republican Party, there are probably money issues. Hard to fathom in a state the size of California, and “my sense” isn’t verified as yet by anyone | Read More »

    Plans for the future?

    [The following email I sent to members at the Ventura County GOP website] My name is Erick Brockway, and I want change. Not “Change”, or “Change We Can Believe In™“, but real change from Blue back to Red. I’m noticing there are no events scheduled, no updates on the website since February of last year. Ventura County has gone blue (albeit slightly), and we need | Read More »

    I.T. Deceased Local GOP

    And yet they wonder; why is Ventura County, California going blue? I last wrote about this here, and after that I thought I’d wait a bit and see if maybe local GOP leaders were just getting over the holidays. Maybe they needed time to commiserate the presidential defeat together or alone, or possibly they won a couple of local races and thought their job was | Read More »

    #TCOT Top Conservatives on Twitter And Why You Should Be Too

    #TCOT Top Conservatives on Twitter is the brainchild of conservative author and political strategist Michael Patrick Leahy and is essentially a list of the conservatives that use twitter ranked by the number of followers they have. Michael Patrick Leahy and Rob Neppell were on Hugh Hewitt’s show yesterday Listen Here If you have no idea what twitter is the All American Blogger Duane Lester has a | Read More »

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    The Top Five Under-Reported FREEDOM Causes

    (Note we call ourselves Freedomists, a “Freedomist” is anyone whose focus is on advancing and defending freedom before self interest, partisan gain, or any other thing) William R Collier Jr While we consider ourselves to be an under-reported worthy causes ( THIS list and review is for the TOP FIVE under-reported worthy causes that we think SHOULD garner the active attention | Read More »

    The #TCOT Revolution

    The #TCOT Revolution! UPDATE: The 57th Sate Michael Patrick Leahy, @michaelpleahy: #TCOT Revolution, Twitter energizing the conservative movement! 11AM William R Collier As the conservative movement LAUNCHES itself in earnest, clearing the decks, defining its agenda, and gathering its forces in a truly conservative manner, from the street level UP, not with a few big donors, but individual unilaterally doing their THING, “The | Read More »


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