David Brooks: You’re dumb and I’m smart

    I’ve never paid much attention to David Brooks. I can’t see myself being thought-policed by a man still wearing circular spectacles from 1995. But that’s just me. I’m one of the dumb masses. Brooks has built himself as an intellectual Republican. He disdains the conservative movements. We’re only ill-educated, redneck throngs that his party must put up with to their great dismay and disgust. As | Read More »

    What is to be Done? A Question.

    I’ve been logged into RedState 2 months, 8 days, plus another four months or so just reading and watching. I’m a newbie. Thanks for letting me say a few things, for in our kind of business, writing was a second language to me until only recently. My colleagues and I have a pedigree that runs back to the early 1960s, when a fellow named Moses | Read More »

    “Democracy” in Iran and The United States

    Originally Published at The Minority Report It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times. The results of the past weekend have coalesced the thoughts in my mind of the similarities and the differences between “democracy” in Iran and the United States. Last weekend, as Iranian citizens took to the streets in protest of what they perceived as a stolen election, I | Read More »

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