Protest Comparison

    I watched a few Tea Party protest videos. Something began to strike me as incongruous. It started to dawn on me. Where was the rude name calling? Where was the stone throwing? Where was the beating up of the police with sticks? What kind of protesters where these? Kindly old ladies, people in wheel chairs, toddler children held in the arms of parents. Crowds singing | Read More »

    The Tea Party in Canton, NY

    Any day you can drive through Northern New York with the windows down is a good day.  And, considering I was about to stand on a line holding a sign for two and a half hours, this bode very well indeed.  The light breeze and clear, blue sky was all the encouragement I needed that this was a darn fine day for dissent. As I | Read More »

    Virginia Tea Party Round-up

    While tax day was raw and gloomy, the energy was high, indeed, at the Richmond Tea Party last night. Thousands of people crowded into a soggy Kanawha Plaza in sight of the Richmond Federal Reserve building to vent, learn, cheer, network and, yes dine on fine barbecue. Somewhere in the crowd was the RTD’s Tyler Whitley, who filed this report, which contained a nice message | Read More »

    Saint Cloud MN, Proud Tea Party Location [Videos Fixed]

    If you have never heard of Saint Cloud, Minnesota, don’t feel bad. Based on the 2000 Census, this town has 59,107 people, and is located in the middle of the northern most state in the center of the United States. Per Capita income in 2000 was $19,769 as opposed to a nationwide number of $21,587. We are a mostly working class town strongly steeped in | Read More »

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    After a tea party, how about a tour of the new luxury ladies room?

    After the Concord tea party yesterday, Rep. Fran Wendelboe took a group on a guided tour of the newly renovated ladies room in the state house. The renovation was just completed two weeks ago at a price tag of $72,000. Marble walls and floors, granite counter tops, upscale sinks, and nice sconces for mood lighting. And of course the obligatory Democrat senator defending the expenditure. | Read More »

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    Thousands join tax day TEA party protest in Hartford

    In Hartford, part of New England which has only Democrat representation in D.C., the tax day Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party protest drew a crowd of thousands: An anti-bailout, anti-stimulus “tea party” at the state Capitol in Hartford on Wednesday drew an estimated crowd of 3,000 to protest what they consider excessive government spending on the day that many Americans pay their federal and state | Read More »

    My Coverage of the Chicago Tea Party

    I attended the Chicago tea party protest yesterday and have produced some video highlights and a bunch of still photos of the event. This is the one organized by Eric Odom of

    Those Dangerous Tea Parties: Are YOU the Threat We’ve Been Waiting For?

    Alright all you right-wing thugs out there, now that tax day is over, Obama and his pals are saying you are dangerous and that your tax protests are an act of revolution. It is amusing that they’ve never said that with the many riots past and present spread by left-wingers in the US — after all little “right-wing” violence has ever been seen here — | Read More »

    The Left And ‘Teabagging’

    On his tax day episode of Breakdown, Keith Olbermann indulged himself some fun making of the many hundreds of thousands of Americans that gathered together to protest the Obama administration’s abuse of our tax dollars. Like his compatriot of the extreme left and fellow MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow, the fun making centered not on the actual reason the protests were called but on the words | Read More »

    Tea Party (Melbourne, FL)

    I went to my first protest today, in front of City Hall. It was a fairly good turnout, especially for a sleepy central Florida town during a weekday lunch hour — folks lined both sides of the street, three or four deep, for about three blocks.  The local left-leaning fishwrap reported the attendance at 400–500 here. There were no speakers and no organized program; the | Read More »

    Tea Party Open Thread

    Let us know in comments about any events today you’ve been following. We’d like to see if anyone has an overall estimate of the number of events or total attendance today, as well as any particular stories that need to be told. Please use this thread for discussion, and use the Tea Party Turnout Thread for actual hard numbers.  Even if you post the numbers | Read More »

    After the Tea Party – What’s next?

    I went to the tax party here in Roanoke. It was great to see so many likeminded people, and to see everyone energized and ready to take action. So, what do we do with all of this energy? There are two ways to move government in a different direction. Change the mind of incumbents, or replace them. We should advance on both fronts. The Tea | Read More »

    We Have A Winner! Absolutely, Positively WORST Tea Party Day Coverage in the Galaxy

    Okay, we weren’t expecting much of the local news media up here behind the Maple Curtain. Among the three local television outlets, the largest of them has nothing at all. The combined Fox/ABC (separate stations, but merged news team) has a small and anodyne story. But the national prize for obtuse media bias has to go to….

    Tax Day Tea Party Numbers

    I figured it would be a good idea to collect a list of the numbers from each of the Tea Parties, nationwide. Or, at least as many as we can get. Update: Totals also displayed here: 366,535 people counted at 194 Tax Day Tea Parties, thus far. Update: If you know where to get collections of entire States (not national numbers, States), like Jonah Shumate | Read More »


    Some of the videos from the DC Tax Day Tea Party.

    I have a bunch more, and I will be putting them up, but four and I’m bleary-eyed. They’re also mostly after the fold. This is Rebecca Wales, one of the organizers of the event, and also affiliated with Smart Girl Politics. She had a busy day.