Tea Party (Melbourne, FL)

    I went to my first protest today, in front of City Hall. It was a fairly good turnout, especially for a sleepy central Florida town during a weekday lunch hour — folks lined both sides of the street, three or four deep, for about three blocks.  The local left-leaning fishwrap reported the attendance at 400–500 here. There were no speakers and no organized program; the | Read More »

    Tea Party Open Thread

    Let us know in comments about any events today you’ve been following. We’d like to see if anyone has an overall estimate of the number of events or total attendance today, as well as any particular stories that need to be told. Please use this thread for discussion, and use the Tea Party Turnout Thread for actual hard numbers.  Even if you post the numbers | Read More »

    After the Tea Party – What’s next?

    I went to the tax party here in Roanoke. It was great to see so many likeminded people, and to see everyone energized and ready to take action. So, what do we do with all of this energy? There are two ways to move government in a different direction. Change the mind of incumbents, or replace them. We should advance on both fronts. The Tea | Read More »

    We Have A Winner! Absolutely, Positively WORST Tea Party Day Coverage in the Galaxy

    Okay, we weren’t expecting much of the local news media up here behind the Maple Curtain. Among the three local television outlets, the largest of them has nothing at all. The combined Fox/ABC (separate stations, but merged news team) has a small and anodyne story. But the national prize for obtuse media bias has to go to….

    Tax Day Tea Party Numbers

    I figured it would be a good idea to collect a list of the numbers from each of the Tea Parties, nationwide. Or, at least as many as we can get. Update: Totals also displayed here: 366,535 people counted at 194 Tax Day Tea Parties, thus far. Update: If you know where to get collections of entire States (not national numbers, States), like Jonah Shumate | Read More »


    Some of the videos from the DC Tax Day Tea Party.

    I have a bunch more, and I will be putting them up, but four and I’m bleary-eyed. They’re also mostly after the fold. This is Rebecca Wales, one of the organizers of the event, and also affiliated with Smart Girl Politics. She had a busy day.

    Columbus Tea Party Early Report

    I stopped briefly by the Columbus Tea Party, which began on the State House lawn at 6:00.  I’d estimate the crowd at about 1500 to 2000 and still growing, albeit slowly, at 6:45.  It was pretty easy to calculate that there were 400 to 500 on the State House steps, and from there estimate the numbers on the ground.  That struck me as a pretty good crowd | Read More »

    Aftermath Radio Post Game Tea Party Show With a Stellar Lineup!

    Aftermath Radio has put together a stellar group of guests for our Tea Party Post Game Show joining us will be: Julia Seymour from The Business & Media Institute (BMI), Jeff Emanuel of RedState and PJTV, Jennifer Rubin Pajamas Media’s DC Editor, and Phil Kerpen, Director of Policy for Americans for Prosperity! Please join us for for what looks to be a great Post Game | Read More »

    (Cartoon) – Tea Party

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    ACORN’s Bag Of Dirty Tricks

    This could be a liberal letting the cat out of the bag prematurely (i.e. “loose lips sink ships“), or a conservative cleverly parodying ACORN types and giving us a heads-up on what to expect from the Left today. As you may know a bunch of redneck traitors are planning a protest on April 15th involving waving around a few tea bags and demonstrating mild irritation | Read More »

    What’s your Tax Enough Already story? (open thread)

    So I did the math ‘tween my last paycheck and today’s, now that the IRS has adjusted taxable witholdings for all to wonder in amazement at our Dear Leader’s promise of a tax break for 95% of working Americans.  Mine comes out to 54 cents more per pay period or 3.4 cents/day. Here’s what I’m NOT looking forward to (courtesy of The Heritage Foundation): • | Read More »

    Bill Press Smells a Rat? Maybe it’s him?

    If all our Tea Party protests are paid for by big organizations like Freedom Works, where exactly am I supposed to submit my invoices? Let’s see, gas to and from the various protests, countless hours on the phone. What’s my time worth, Bill? I’m just going to put this out there, if anyone is getting their various websites paid for, (domain names, server hosting, etc.) | Read More »

    Can Tea Parties pay it forward? Yes We Can.

    Middle America, MSMedia, Leftists, democrats and socialists will do their all to downplay the significance of over 770 Tea Parties taking place from sea to shining sea tomorrow. In my mind, there is but one critique worth discussion: What happens on April 16th? Are these Taxed Enough Already parties simply an exercise in venting or, despite the much stressed non-partisan approach, are they not a | Read More »


    Many people who are fed up with the both the amount of money that the federal government spends on boondoggles and the manner in which that money otherwise is spent plan to voice their displeasure at “tea parties” tomorrow.    Because tomorrow is “tax day”, what better day to voice discontent over the government’s intrusion into our monetary well being?   As best I can tell, | Read More »


    Tea Partyin’ Houston Style

    For months now, we’ve been hearing about Tea Parties — starting with Rick Santelli’s rant on CNBC back in February.  Since that time, folks all over the country have been organizing and getting in on the protest. It’s worth listening to again and again:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEZB4taSEoA So the Tea Parties have been springing up, including here in Houston. But now, it seems that because www.freedomworks.org (of | Read More »