Another City Tries to Quash Tax Day Tea Party Gathering

    Brendan Steinhuser of FreedomWorks is reporting that another official of an American city is trying to prevent organizers of a tea party tax protest from being “allowed” to stage their protest, this time in Burleson, Texas. Unlike the the situation in Cape Coral, Florida where it was overburdening regulation that served as a stumbling block to the freedom of the people to assemble, the Texas | Read More »

    Rep. Pence Disinvited from the Indy TeaPArty?

    Being a fan of Mike Pence, and also a fan of the TeaParty Protests, I wondered if Pence was supporting/attending one. After leaving such a note on Pence’s Facebook page, a supporter of his named Meredith sent me a note saying that he has been turned down from addressing the Indianapolis rally.  Wishing to verify(like a *real* journalist), I sent this email: Dear sir, Thank | Read More »

    Orlando Tea Party Slated For Tax Day

    Orlando’s Tea Party: City: Orlando, Florida When: April 15, 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Where: Orlando City Hall, 400 South Orange Avenue, Orlando, FL Contact: Web Page: Facebook Group: HERE Tax Day Tea Parties Big List:

    Cape Coral Fl Tea Party is On!

    Many of you in Central and South Florida may have heard that the Cape Coral Tea Party was canceled by the Cape Coral City Council. Well it’s back on! Here’s the info and a contact number: The Tea Party is on tomorrow April 01 in Cape Coral,FL It will be from 5 – 7 at Jaycee Park Please call if you need additional information. Thanks. | Read More »


    UPDATED – Fairfax County Tax Protest Receives TV Coverage

    [crossposted at] UPDATED 3/31  –  The TV stations that covered the Fairfax County, Virginia tax protest at the3 Government Center aired some of the interviews the made at the rally and have a write up on their web pages. I can’t get the embedded video to work but here ar links to the stations web pages with the video.  —- UPDATE —   | Read More »

    CALL TO ACTION: Cape Coral, FL isn’t the only battleground in the fight for the First Amendment, but it’s a darned good place to start

    I know, it’s a long title… but it had to be done.  This is not a post about what’s happening in Florida re: the cancelled tea party.  There are plenty of diaries here at RedState that discuss exactly that.  Rather, this is a post about what to do about it.  It’s very easy for RedStaters to point to the would-be protestors in Florida and tell | Read More »

    Yesterday and Tomorrow in Fairfax County

    It was a good day.  [Some of the below was in a comment I posted to another Redstater's diary.] Bob McDonnell and Bill Bolling formally kicked off their campaign for Virginia’ governor and lt. governor in Annandale.  Nice turnout, which the Fairfax GOP numbered at 700.  The crowd was quite receptive to the McDonnell/Bolling ticket’s positions on preserving life, protecting Virginia’s right to work status | Read More »

    Florida Gov’t Cancels Tea Party Fearing ‘Too Many Attendees’

    Remember this report from our nation’s history? CNN (Continental News Network) Boston, 1773: The city of Boston canceled a proposed protest over tea taxes today, citing the fear that too many people dressed as Indians would be gathered near the wharves. Organizers expressed sadness over the cancellation, but meekly returned to their homes fearful of upsetting the officers of the Crown. Taxmen breathed a sigh | Read More »


    Tea Party at the Alamo!

    The Spirit of freedom runs through the Alamo, Like the spirit of the American patriots that died there. John Wayne a real American Hero brought us the story of the Alamo so those freedom fighters would not be forgotten. And from what I saw on the Glen Beck show there spirit once more will have a chance to shine not only them but a new | Read More »

    Virginia Tea Parties…the List is Growing

    The list of Virginia Tea Party sites keeps growing. According to the listing here, there will be April 15th events in: Abingdon: 5-8 pm, at the “original muster site of Kings Mountain Men” Charlottesville: 3-5 pm, at the Downtown Mall by the Pavillion Rocky Mount: Noon, in front of the Franklin County Courthouse, 40 East Court Street in Rocky Mount Lynchburg: 6 pm, Downtown Waterfront | Read More »

    Philly Tea Party Info – AND Capitalist March on Washington

    Reminder from Erick: Post your Tea Party details so we can get the word out. I’ll front the posts. Tax day tea party in Philly is Saturday April 18, Independence Hall.  Dom Giordano will speak.   See links below for details. ALSO, I came across even more ambitious plans for more rallies culminating in a “Capitalist March on Washington” in September.  Take a look at | Read More »


    We The People – Tea Party’s

    Great signs! Short video clip of the tea parties going on across America:

    Witch Hunt Will Only Drive More Capital Offshore

    Newsmax reports that IRS has had some successes in getting UBS, the Swiss bank, to disclose some of the US account holder information on some of its secret numbered accounts.  The number of disclosures is only about 300-400 on a total of almost 50,000 accounts.  UBS is properly refusing further disclosures as required under Swiss privacy laws. The first decision that law abiding US citizens | Read More »

    Reluctant Schoolmasters: Small Businessmen Will Educate the Elite at the Expense of the Poor

    I think those of us who are small businesspeople will avoid taxes, recover and rebuild and even prosper quite nicely. But it is a darned shame that those of us who know how to make money must change hats for the next 2-4 years and act as schoolmasters to the new administration. Immanuel’s remark about ‘not wasting a crisis’ showed such deep cynicism and insensitivity towards | Read More »

    Tea Partiers – Spread The Word

    It seems the idea of the Tea Party rallies is really catching on (see here, here, here, here, and for some good advice, here). Conservatives and concerned Americans making their voices heard is a great thing. One can only assume there are Redstaters and loyal readers among those who have had it with the government mortgaging our future. An important part of protests and rallies | Read More »