Conservatism is the Fall-back Position

    On a daily basis anymore, and with ever more frequency as the elections approach, political discussion in every form of media is drifting toward one subject: What is it that is driving the renewed interest in politics? What, specifically, has brought Americans to their heightened state of political awareness, and how is that motivation going to play out in the coming elections? Is this specifically | Read More »

    The Tea Party Movement and the Election of Scott Brown

    The election of Scott Brown was remarkable in many ways, but one of the most important was in a way little discussed in political circles. It was just this: The election of Scott Brown caused all the pundits and about half the politicians to formulate and express an opinion as to why it happened. In this way, we got a wide view into the national | Read More »



    Recently I read a blog post about a bright up and comer in the race for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky. His name is Bill Johnson, and from all I have read about him, the videos and recordings that I have listened to on YouTube by him, I am excited to say that this guy is the “Real Deal”! You know what I mean…he’s one | Read More »