Perspectives in Education- Part 21: The Basics of Merit Pay

    Merit, or performance pay, is a relatively new phenomena in educational reform. Originally, when the United States was a more rural and agricultural Nation, teachers were hired to teach a variety of ages in a single classroom where the school paid their room and board and they received a small stipend. As the country became more industrialized and with the growth of urban centers, teachers | Read More »

    Perspectives in Education- Part 18: A Primer on Teacher Pay

    Nowhere is there greater disagreement between conservatives and liberals than on the subject of teacher pay. To the liberal, teachers are not paid enough while to the conservative, teachers are paid too highly given the output. There is a certain grain of truth to both arguments, but the bulk of evidence leans towards the conservative arguments. To begin with, according to the United States Census | Read More »

    Improving Education-Part 1

    Barack Obama, in his attempt to fix the economy, often talks about the “three or four legs of the stool.”  In terms of educational reform in this country, all too often the solution is the knee-jerk solution to throw money at the “problem” of improving educational quality.  And while there may be some tangential argument in favor of this, there ARE minimal or no-cost solutions | Read More »