The California Tax Revolt

    In 1978, California’s Prop 13 became the lightening rod for an anti-tax revolution that two years later would sweep Ronald Reagan into the Presidency.  Thirty-five years later, however, Californians endure one of the heaviest tax burdens in the country.  What happened?  In addition to state increases in income and sales taxes, local governments made an end run around Prop 13 by imposing a nefarious array | Read More »

    Tea Parties Must Learn Fundraising on a New Level

    Ed Morrissey hits the nail squarely on the head and right on schedule with his HA article regarding Tea Party organizations and funding.   It’s my sense that not just our own executive board, but nearly all Tea Party  boards have been quietly (or not so quietly) confronting the varagries and realities of raising funds for their political efforts. Allow me to digress momentarily while | Read More »