Free Software and America’s Future

    I am an ex-Microsoft programmer who has written a book about the future of software called After the Software Wars. One of the most important points is the idea that free software is better for the free market than proprietary software, and that America needs to lead the free software movement to ensure its technical relevance in the 21st century. Free software can also be | Read More »

    Our machine says you didn’t take your pill Mr. Elderly… Scary stuff in this article. One of the ways to keep the elderly elderly or in a continual tranquilized stuper is to medicate, medicate, medicate. No longer will you be able to hide the pills under your tongue and spit them out and break out of there. You’ll be hooked to a machine and Big Brother will know. The forces at work today are | Read More »

    Techno-Politics: The War for Downloadable Supremacy

    It used to be that the world was a place of “hands.” Every important exchange came slowly and directly through face-to-face conversations sealed with a handshake or a newspaper placed in the palm and digested by the slow and deliberate hand turning of the page. Today’s modern world offers a plethora of almost mindboggling opportunities to reach vast numbers of people with the mere extension | Read More »

    Twitter for Thee, Not Me

    President Barack Obama admitted Monday to a group of students in Shanghai, China that, while billed as the most tech savvy President in history, he doesn’t use Twitter. When asked by a student if he was aware of China’s firewall blocking the popular micro-blogging service, Obama forewent his tech friendly reputation, saying, “I have never used Twitter but I’m an advocate of technology and not | Read More »

    On Fundraising Widgets

    Hi, Mister Campaign Fundraiser Technician? Yes, you. I don’t care if you work in a campaign, or just sell your services to campaigns. I’m talking to you. We at do enjoy asking our readers to give money to candidates. When a good Republican needs help, we want to find that help. And one thing you guys have already figured out is that nifty website | Read More »

    Fuel From Water…. “My People” Done Up ‘N Did It !!!

    Awesome. Israeli Science Breakthrough Extracts Fuel from Water Among the most important challenges facing science today is designing an efficient system for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen. The ability to do so will introduce hydrogen into the market as a clean, sustainable fuel.  But man-made systems for getting to the root of water that exist today are very inefficient and often require additional | Read More »

    Rebuild the Party: Technology Death by White Paper

    I am very, very concerned about the direction we are headed in with technology in both the Republican Party and the conservative movement. Frankly, I am profoundly disappointed.The RNC effort is a frustrating exercise consisting of multi-ton white papers that will no doubt be ignored. Friday’s RFP to redo the website has given the lie to the RNC’s efforts about transparency. Based on the | Read More »

    A thought on the GOP and Technology

    I originally posted this on the GOP Tech Summit site but thought it may make sense here too. Better use of technology is clearly of prime importance to bring the Republicans back to prominence but I have a few reasons for pause that we must overcome to fully utilize this technology: 1. Coolness. Do people feel passionate enough about the Republican Party to share their | Read More »

    Cyrus Krohns’ technology lacking a proper message will fail the RNC

    In continuing my thoughts surrounding Erick’s Posts here and here, combined with my last post about the use of technology by the Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper, of the US Senate. It is painfully apparent that no matter which social networking technology is used by the RNC, it will have no value in the coming election cycle without preparation of the correct message. This is | Read More »

    A Facebook apology, message delivery using technology at its’ best

    I have been spending considerable time thinking about the GOP and technology for the future which is a direct result of Erick’s Posts here and here. The basic fact is that with more and more people dropping their land lines for cell phones, turning to social networking sites for information and news it is no surprise that  even in the hallowed halls of the US | Read More »

    Obama “Genetically Superior” Say Scientists

    Obama “Genetically Superior” Say Scientists Rafael Volquez, PhD Cambridge, MA Harvard Review of Science Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have broken new ground with a controversial claim. During research conducted since October 2007, they have found that the new President of the United States, Barack Obama has certain traits which make him “genetically and mentally superior to the average person.” Such research included | Read More »

    Getting Connected in Colorado [Updated]

    Updated with new Conservative Colorado Radio section, Google group and blogroll additions. Political activism is more than waxing philosophical and eviscerating politicians on blog sites and broadcast email messages. Real political activism is hard, time-consuming, and often boring, repetitive work. It means going to city council, county supervisor, and school board meetings. It’s walking precincts, making phone calls, and attending local political meetings. It also | Read More »


    Take a look at the picture below: (Click to enlarge) This is a map of the relationship network of Congressional members who are on Twitter. It’s pretty easy to look at this map and get really pumped up: The Republicans “win”. The problem is that GOP dominance of Twitter doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t add up to votes. This map (and I guarantee, the | Read More »

    Taking Technology to the Next Level: Officially Launches

    Conservative voices all over the internet have been engaged in a discussion of the future of technology in the Republican party. [One such piece is the one put up by David Hinz earlier today.] With that in mind, I want to echo the statement of Tim Goddard over at The Next Right: Only when technology is put to the pursuit of specific goals and in | Read More »

    The Big Picture

    You guys are making my teeth hurt over there Six blind men describing an elephant… each right in their own way… each missing The Big Picture. For the Democrats sitting where we are now in early 2005, The Big Picture was to win. In 2005 Obama was still a skinny little kid that gave one good speech. They didn’t know him, he didn’t know | Read More »