The Mary Jo Kopechne Memorial Health Care Bill

    I’m just saying.   I personally feel like an incapacitated Ted Kennedy is about to drive us all off a bridge.   So the name works for me.

    The Last Liberal Reconsidered

    Being exhausted on Kennedy coverage, I recommend to you two final pieces on Kennedy. The first is from Orrin Judd. Let me begin by offering a personal story about Ted Kennedy that is illustrative, but quite possibly apocryphal. At the time of Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination, he was a Senator from New York. The other member of the delegation was the liberal Republican, Jacob Javits. | Read More »

    Lower Than Low: Kopechne a ‘footnote’ who may have thought her death ‘worth it’

    Once again, sadly I’m not kidding. I held my tongue when Ted Kennedy passed because he has children who love him. And because I find that while many just speak the truth, which is an ugly one, sometimes it instead turns into a pack mentality and a who can be the most offensive/ shocking thing. To me, that is easy and cheap and it cheapens | Read More »

    The False Compassion of Ted Kennedy’s Statism

    Bud Fox: I guess you’re a decorator? Darien Taylor: You got it. A great spender of other people’s money. To me, there exists nowhere a more apt description of the legacy of modern-day, left-wing “liberalism”, statism (H/T: Mark Levin), as preached by the late Ted Kennedy than in this quote from Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. Whether he was personally generous is something I don’t know, | Read More »

    Kennedycare RIP

    With the passing of Ted Kennedy (may he rest in peace) the Dems are going to try and repackage the rotting carcass of Obamacare and give it a shinny new “Weekend at Bernie’s” look! So let’s all come together and pass this one for ole’ Teddy with Kennedycare! America don’t be fooled. We must not let up the fight. It’s time for Ted Kennedy’s life | Read More »

    R.I.P. Ted


    The Teddy Kennedy Story

    The Teddy Kennedy Story:  The Story of His Life Teddy always got what Teddy wanted. Except for once. The grim reaper arrived before his vote in the Senate for Obama Health Care did.  And America breathed a big sigh of relief. The end

    Ted Kennedy, Workhorse Lawmaker

    It is traditional, upon the passing of an important and famous person – however controversial – to find some good words to say. This is not an easy task in the case of Ted Kennedy, a man whose personal life ranged from alcoholism to debauchery to sexual harrassment to (sadly, uncharged) second-degree murder, and whose public career entailed the embrace of nearly every foolish, ruinous | Read More »


    “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” I won’t celebrate Ted Kennedy’s death — I don’t glory in the death of any man, even one I hold to have been a murderer.  But I do wonder why I am supposed to mourn. I am utterly indifferent.  A man who was so effective for so long on so many fronts | Read More »

    Ted Kennedy Dies

    Senator Edward Kennedy is dead. I had an encounter with Senator Kennedy once. When I was in law school I wrote a paper on campaign finance laws as they relate to the media. I had to interview “two people of note.” I chose Tony Snow and Senator Kennedy — Kennedy just to see if I could get to someone like that and impress my law | Read More »

    Ode to the Swimmer

    Cancer has consequences. In spite of Chappaquiddick, Ted Kennedy was always submerged in the big issues of his day, all while keeping his head above the incoming tide of legal scrutiny. He slowly floated to the top of the DC elite-class, then expertly treading the brackish waters of Washington politics. Kennedy dove into the 1980 Presidential election when he announced his candidacy in late 1979. | Read More »

    I TRIED to be nice to Ted

    I honestly did On May 17, 2008, one Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy suffered a series of seizures and was rushed from the wind farm-free Kennedy compound to (eventually) Massachusetts General Hospital where he would be diagnosed as having malignant glioma, or a cancerous brain tumor. Ok, it could happen to any of us, and many feel if we remind anyone of how we truly feel | Read More »

    Will Bob Byrd Ever Come Back to the Senate?

    I’m trying to be delicate. The man is 91 years old, and he has been hospitalized since May 15. According to Roll Call, he has now handed off his primary legislative responsibility: Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.), hospitalized five weeks ago for an infection, will not be coming back to work this week, according to a statement from his office. “Senator Byrd continues to improve but | Read More »

    Harkin: Card Check Possible Next Month

    According to Senator Tom Harkin (D-Labor), the Senate may vote next month on a Card Check compromise: Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) indicated Wednesday that he will be ready to bring up the long-stalled Employee Free Choice Act next month, following weeks of negotiations with key stakeholders. “We’re in meetings right now. I’m still hopeful that we can get something done,” Harkin said. The Iowa Democrat | Read More »

    Under the Kennedy Bill, Your Health Plan will Change Dramatically

    Keith Hennessey, whose bio is here, has analyzed the Kennedy Health Care Reform bill that leaked late in the evening of Sunday, June 7, 2009. Hennessey’s analysis is straightforward, factual (based on the legislative language) and worth reading. It is clear that under the Kennedy bill, the government will be in control of your health care plan, and that your current plan will change dramatically, | Read More »