Another Healthcare Charade

    Congressman Ted Poe has today’s top story at Human Events. Today, the administration will put on another show for the American people. The nationalized healthcare naysayers have been summoned to the White House to give their ideas on healthcare reform. Yet, the President announced his newly packaged plan days ago. So what’s the point? Is this a meeting to exchange ideas and move forward in | Read More »

    Dealergate 9: Questioning the ‘auto task force tyrants’

    As we reported yesterday, even some Democrats are beginning to question President Obama and auto his task force. They can’t understand why profitable, top-performing Chrysler dealers are being forced to close their doors. We’ve been asking this and other questions about the Dealergate scandal for weeks, and we’re encouraged to see some House Democrats finally getting curious about how the decisions were made regarding which | Read More »

    Paging Congressman Ted Poe

    Sir, I have played this clip on a local radio show and the response from the audience has been amazing. This, I venture to say, is one of the greatest speeches ever made on the floor of the House. It is humorous, pointed, and effectively demonstrates the sheer absurdity of the rules. PS – Overwhelmingly the callers to my radio show do want you to | Read More »