Man Or Machine?

    Not Tony Stark, Alex Murphy or even Locutus of Borg… but Barack Obama. All have bonded with technology to varying degrees, willingly or not. Obama’s reliance on electronics to be able to function was again highlighted in India. An official in the sub-continent was amazed that the renowned orator was dependent on teleprompters. This exclamation of surprise highlighted how little is known about the ‘Great | Read More »

    My Essay: How I Can Help Obama

    So, President Obama gave his speech to the school kids. It turned out to be a snooze-fest pep rally speech about staying in school. Of course, in the speech, Obama spoke mainly about himself, referencing himself 56 times (almost as many times as there are states according to his calculations) and trivial subjects such as school only 19 times and education only 10. Overall, however, | Read More »