Terror trials in New York City are a terrible Obama idea, opposed by nearly everyone in New York and throughout the nation. Obama still hasn’t given up and wants to ram it through, New Yorkers be damned. Thank goodness our president is not an idealogue! Don’t give up your rotten ideas, Mr. President! The New York Republicans need a recruiting tool! The latest chapter in | Read More »

    NYC Police Commissioner: We Were Never Consulted on Terror Trials

    Mike Bloomberg’s Chief of Police spoke to the New York Young Republican Club last week, and he told the stunned audience that the Obama White House never consulted with the NYPD or Mayor Bloomberg before announcing a decision to try Khalid Sheikh Muhammad in lower Manhattan: “We were not consulted,” Kelly said tersely of the decision. He stated that the trial “will raise the threat | Read More »

    No Manhattan Terror Trials?

    SIGN THE PETITION TO OPPOSE TERROR TRIALS. GO HERE. According to Scott Brown’s pollster Neil Newhouse, one of the big reasons for Brown’s win was the concern among Massachusetts voters about Obama’s terror policies. It seems numerous Democrats have begun at least to consider, that voters may be distrustful of their poster on national security. How serious is the shift? Michael Isikoff says Congress may | Read More »

    New York Democrats: Trying KSM in NYC is Kind of Risky

    Remember back when Charlie Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand, and the rest of the New York Democrats thought that trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City posed no significant security risk? Remember how they said we could easily guarantee the safety of New Yorkers whose memories of 9/11 remained fresh? Well, apparently they’re suddenly worried, because now they’re concerned enough about costs that they’re demanding the | Read More »

    Terror Trials in Brooklyn? FORGET ABOUT IT!

    Terrorist trials in Brooklyn? Fuhgeddaboutit! What a brilliant plan, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder! Year-long terrorist trials in downtown Manhattan and downtown Brooklyn! What could go wrong? Clearly, much better than having the terrorists simply plead guilty at Gitmo! From Tuesday’s New York Times: Brooklyn May Also Play Host to Terror Trials By WILLIAM K. RASHBAUM Justice Department officials are close to deciding | Read More »