National Security and the Coming Barackalypse

    Now that His Excellency has started the work of dismantling our national security, I think this would be a good time for me to be the voice in your head saying what you are already thinking. Barack Obama will be tested on the national security front. The tests will not come only from the Islamic terrorists either. Russia, North Korea, Iran and the Chinese all | Read More »

    Farewell to President Bush, A Decent Man

    It is perhaps ironic that the left wing has settled on the characterization of President George W. Bush as a megalomaniac, obsessed with power and willing to trample on anyone or anything to achieve his evil aims. Ironic because it is President Bush’s refusal to even forcefully counter his critics, let alone trample on their right to criticize him, that has allowed the left to | Read More »

    Living Next Door to a Serial Killer

    Israel has won a huge military victory in a defensive war against the radical Islamist Hamas group which rules the Gaza Strip. So what does Israel want? Its first choice would be a moderate movement running the Gaza Strip which would negotiate a deal for a Palestinian state living in peace alongside Israel, resettling refugees there, and being a prosperous, stable state. All Israel desires | Read More »

    Good-bye Mr. President & Thank You!

    As President George W. Bush enters the final hours of his presidency, a certain sadness has gripped me.  As I watched his good-bye speech to the nation, I was reminded of all that this brave man has done for the country and all of the things that we should thank the 43rd President of the United States for.  It was a sobering reminder that the | Read More »

    Breaking: Terrorists Launch Rockets at US Cities from Mexico*

      Terrorists today launched short range rockets at US cities from Mexico. It is not yet known exactly where the rockets landed and preliminary damage reports are still being investigated. The perpetrators have not yet been positively identified, however terrorist groups including Hamas, Hezbollah, the Palestine Liberation Front and the Palestine Liberation Organization have previously been identified by the US government as dealing in drugs | Read More »

    Anti-Terror Rally to Support Israel’s Right of Self Defense

    Promoted by Jeff. This is a great opportunity to engage in local activism. Another is this protest in the Bay Area, which is being planned apposite domestic terrorist Bill Ayers’ coming visit. -JE On December 27, 2008, Israel began defensive attacks against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Hamas has been attacking Israel with multiple daily rockets sent into their cities, even though both sides had | Read More »

    Ending the Gaza War: Choices, not Solutions

    Last December, Hamas unilaterally ended its ceasefire with Israel and escalated the kind of cross-border attacks continually attempted even during the ceasefire. With massive public support, Israel struck back against a neighboring regime which daily attacked its citizens and called for its extermination. For decades, Israel’s history shows a general pattern: its neighbors attack, Israel responds, Israel wins the war, and the world rushes to | Read More »

    Obama Nominee Expedited Pardons of Terrorists

    “Why, Mr. Holder, as Deputy Attorney General for President Bill Clinton did you pressure Justice Department employees to remove objections to clemency requests for 16 members of a domestic terrorist organization?” The L.A. Times Reports today — “Attorney general nominee Eric H. Holder Jr. repeatedly pushed some of his subordinates at the Clinton Justice Department to drop their opposition to a controversial 1999 grant of clemency to 16 members | Read More »

    Barry’s 1st BIG Blunder!!! Leon Panetta as CIA Chief – Are you kidding me???

    To my Conservative Friends: Opening January 20th at a theatre near you…. Barry and the Appeasers Well, he did not even make it to inauguration day and Barry has already set himself up for failure and the country for attack… Leon Panetta as CIA Chief is possibly the worst selection to head one of the most important positions in our government in the midst of | Read More »

    A follow-up on Israel

    Jeff “Maximos” Martin replied to my criticism and while I could make a reply over there, I’m doing so here so all you guys will go visit the nice site that they all have there. I’m accused of demanding what Jeff says is not necessary, but I don’t think so. I wasn’t demanding that he make the gestures against terrorism to prove his good faith. | Read More »

    Israel and the Just War Doctrine

    I write today a response to Jeff Martin’s criticism of Israel with respect to the Catholic just war doctrine. I do think he’s in error, because he gives the facts a cursory glance and omits key details, but that only leads to my main criticism: I think he shows a bias against the Israeli side of the war. Firstly though, I address the Catholic Church’s | Read More »

    On the Ground in Gaza

     Please welcome Dr. Barry Rubin, head of the Herzliya, Israel-based GLORIA Center, to the front page at RedState. -Jeff Tel Aviv, Israel — Israel didn’t want to attack the Gaza Strip from the ground or from the air. Hamas, which had long broken the ceasefire, canceled it altogether. Then it began large-scale attacks on Israel. This is a war of defense. And it is being | Read More »

    The Smell of Success Against Global Terror in 2008

    The indispensable Bill Roggio reports on the State of Jihad for 2008. Iraq smells like roses. The counterinsurgency doctrine written by Petraeus and implemented by Odierno succeeded in turning around a situation that seemed hopeless two years ago. Green Zone control was turned over to Iraq this week. Al Qaeda has been crushed. Muqtada al Sadr is still going to Ayatollah school in Iran, while | Read More »

    Quote Of The Day

    Some geopolitical conflicts are morally complicated. The Israel-Gaza war is not. It possesses a moral clarity not only rare but excruciating. Israel is so scrupulous about civilian life that, risking the element of surprise, it contacts enemy noncombatants in advance to warn them of approaching danger. Hamas, which started this conflict with unrelenting rocket and mortar attacks on unarmed Israelis — 6,464 launched from Gaza | Read More »

    Rebuttal To Ayers’ Op-ed

    No, it is not printed in any outlet of the Ministry of Propaganda.  I ran across a link to it on Ace of Spades.  The link was to a story on Pajama’s Media by Bob Owens, Op-Ed the New York Times Wouldn’t Run. The article contains an op-ed written by Larry Grathwohl. Grathwohl had infiltrated the Ayars’ terrorist group, The Weather Underground, and saw first | Read More »