ISN’T IT TIME FOR AN ULTIMATUM? It struck me a long time ago that our leaders in America almost blithely go about our business with such little concern for our well-being, most specifically with regard to future attacks by terrorists on our soil. They’ve put us in a defensive posture with such tactics as airport screenings and patdowns and with all sorts of other defensive | Read More »

    When Mumbai Comes To Your Mall

    I could have added much to this diary, but have chosen to keep things short and to the point. I am not an alarmist, nor am I one of the tin-foil-hat-wearing-crowd (at least I hope I’m not), but the threat is real and I feel it in my soul that Mumbai was a deadly, but only partial, “dry run” for things to come. I’ve envisioned | Read More »


    Khalid Sheikh Muhammed Might Just Win (in the end)

    If winning is to become a martyr in his world, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed may just win after all. A piece written by Walid Phares of Counterterrorism Blog shows how  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has been playing the system to a no-win situation for the United States. As predicted, almost to the letter in my analysis in June, the men charged with plotting the September 11 attacks | Read More »

    The Mumbai Terror Attacks: A Deadly Reminder

    While millions of people here in the United States celebrated Thanksgiving with their families and friends, there was a major terrorist attack in Mumbai, India. This went on from Wednesday through Saturday because after the initial attack the terrorists took hostages, some of whom were then rescued by Indian special forces commandos. After it was all over, 172 people were killed (including six Americans) and | Read More »

    Mumbai and Terrorism

    As the attacks in Mumbai, India have reminded the world, Jihad, and radical Islamic terror is still alive and well. Despite the election of a transcendent, all-encompassing, new world savior in America, the Jihadists are marching onward in their mission to destroy the infidel, regardless of his nationality or politics.The megaphone Left, both domestically and internationally have spent 7 years calling George W. Bush a | Read More »

    Iran’s Push Into Nicaragua

    Last night on Rocky Mountain Alliance Radio, RMA host Joshua Sharf and co-hosts Ben Degrow, and yours truly welcomed guest Todd Bensman, writer for the San Antonio News-Express. Todd has been working on an investigative reporting Breaching America Series about the increase of illegal immigration of people from Islamic countries through Guatemala and Mexico.Since 9-11, homeland security agencies have caught thousands of “special interest aliens” | Read More »

    U.S. allies poison us, politely

    I’ve laid low during the election, holding in the anger and warnings knowing that neither McCain nor Obama would make much of it — and worse — that the public cared little to hear it. The Mumbai Massacre, however, has awoken my need to fight back in the small way I can. So please, read the following and understand that the biggest threat comes from | Read More »

    Deterring a Mumbai Style Attack In the United States

    In the aftermath of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, one question that is on people’s minds is “Could it happen here?”Unfortunately, the answer is Yes. The terrorists were able to somehow cross the Indian border and coordinate an assault in a major city, where they preyed on a mostly unarmed populace. What about the police, you say? There’s a story where a photographer, Sebastian D’Souza, was | Read More »

    Think Mumbai

    Since 9/11 it has been assumed by many that Al Qaida would be forced to top themselves in any future attacks on the US. Mumbai show us the real possibilities. A young crew with minimal training but well rehearsed and ready to die could if well armed wreak havoc on a population.As the Miserly Bastard puts it: …a dozen trained shooters, equipped with little more | Read More »


    What does it mean and what are its consequences for the United States and the world? My answer is here and the crux of my point can be found in the following excerpt:The implications for the United States and for counterterrorism from the attacks in Mumbai can be summed up thusly: We continue to live in a dangerous world, the threat of terrorism is not | Read More »

    Thanksgiving Warning from Mumbai

    In what will be remembered as India’s 9/11, terrorists on November 26 attacked ten separate targets in the commercial capital of Mumbai – formerly known as Bombay. The nature of the attacks should give Americans pause, as should the timing. This is the peak of the Mumbai tourist season during which Westerners gravitate to the thriving financial hub of newly-capitalist India. But it also has | Read More »


    Reports that al Qaeda is planning to target sites like Penn Station and that there is increased chatter in intelligence circles concerning a terrorist event are certainly enough to cause reasonable people to be worried–especially in light of the gruesome attack in Mumbai. Who knows whether the attack in Mumbai is the culmination of the chatter, or whether it is only the beginning of yet | Read More »

    War Warning For India

    Cross Posted from R Collier Jr.The American FreedomistPakistan promises to aid IndiaStating that India should not jump to conclusions Hussain Hariqqa, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, promised Pakistan’s support in the fight against terror.This more conciliatory tone is encouraging. If rogue elements within the ISI it is probable that the Pakistani government will take more serious measures to root them out.Al Quedas’ gambit was | Read More »

    BREAKING: Major terrorist attacks in India.

    Putting together details now: preliminary reports are of armed attackers (automatic rifles, grenades). Some indication that Westerners are being targeted.More as it comes in.UPDATE: Via AoSHQ: Terrorists Target Mumbai Hotels Unknown terrorists have conducted a coordinated attack across Mumbai’s major tourist hubs, with over a dozen deaths and many injuries reported. Gunmen have targeted luxury hotels, a popular tourist attraction and a crowded train station | Read More »

    “How to Deal With Pirates”

    I wrote last week on the problem of the Somali pirates. Michael B. Oren, via the WSJ, has done an excellent job of documenting the history of the pirate problem in the Jeffersonian period and how we dealt with it then…and how that applies to today’s situation.Read it here.