Deterring a Mumbai Style Attack In the United States

    In the aftermath of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, one question that is on people’s minds is “Could it happen here?”Unfortunately, the answer is Yes. The terrorists were able to somehow cross the Indian border and coordinate an assault in a major city, where they preyed on a mostly unarmed populace. What about the police, you say? There’s a story where a photographer, Sebastian D’Souza, was | Read More »

    Think Mumbai

    Since 9/11 it has been assumed by many that Al Qaida would be forced to top themselves in any future attacks on the US. Mumbai show us the real possibilities. A young crew with minimal training but well rehearsed and ready to die could if well armed wreak havoc on a population.As the Miserly Bastard puts it: …a dozen trained shooters, equipped with little more | Read More »


    What does it mean and what are its consequences for the United States and the world? My answer is here and the crux of my point can be found in the following excerpt:The implications for the United States and for counterterrorism from the attacks in Mumbai can be summed up thusly: We continue to live in a dangerous world, the threat of terrorism is not | Read More »

    Thanksgiving Warning from Mumbai

    In what will be remembered as India’s 9/11, terrorists on November 26 attacked ten separate targets in the commercial capital of Mumbai – formerly known as Bombay. The nature of the attacks should give Americans pause, as should the timing. This is the peak of the Mumbai tourist season during which Westerners gravitate to the thriving financial hub of newly-capitalist India. But it also has | Read More »


    Reports that al Qaeda is planning to target sites like Penn Station and that there is increased chatter in intelligence circles concerning a terrorist event are certainly enough to cause reasonable people to be worried–especially in light of the gruesome attack in Mumbai. Who knows whether the attack in Mumbai is the culmination of the chatter, or whether it is only the beginning of yet | Read More »

    War Warning For India

    Cross Posted from R Collier Jr.The American FreedomistPakistan promises to aid IndiaStating that India should not jump to conclusions Hussain Hariqqa, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, promised Pakistan’s support in the fight against terror.This more conciliatory tone is encouraging. If rogue elements within the ISI it is probable that the Pakistani government will take more serious measures to root them out.Al Quedas’ gambit was | Read More »

    BREAKING: Major terrorist attacks in India.

    Putting together details now: preliminary reports are of armed attackers (automatic rifles, grenades). Some indication that Westerners are being targeted.More as it comes in.UPDATE: Via AoSHQ: Terrorists Target Mumbai Hotels Unknown terrorists have conducted a coordinated attack across Mumbai’s major tourist hubs, with over a dozen deaths and many injuries reported. Gunmen have targeted luxury hotels, a popular tourist attraction and a crowded train station | Read More »

    “How to Deal With Pirates”

    I wrote last week on the problem of the Somali pirates. Michael B. Oren, via the WSJ, has done an excellent job of documenting the history of the pirate problem in the Jeffersonian period and how we dealt with it then…and how that applies to today’s situation.Read it here.

    What To Do About Gitmo

    The latest question over at the Arena. As indicated here, I think that it is also a more complicated question than people give it credit for being.

    Iranian Ship Hijacking — 16 Pirates Died After Handling Substance On Captured Iranian Ship [redacted]

    Link to The World Tribune website story FROM TWO WEEKS AGO on what happened with the hijacked Iranian ship that everyone seems to have conveniently forgotten about.16 Pirates Died After Handling Substance On Captured Iranian Ship – Substance: NUCLEAR, CHEMICAL or both.Just in case the link doesn’t work …….. Here’s the text with full copyright notice above and below (sue me if you want WT, | Read More »

    Israel’s Day of Reckoning

    This blurb on Yahoo! scares the living hell out of me. In the caption next to the photo it describes the man working at the computer to be a Palestinian “refugee” working for the Obama campaign via the web-based call center. Where is this refugee? He’s in a Gaza refugee camp… known breeding grounds for Hamas and recruiting base for Palestinian terrorists. Am I making | Read More »

    An Obama Lexicon

    We have seen in the last two years that Senator Obama has obscured a lot of his beliefs in the interest of getting elected. When he speaks about not punishing successful people in this country, he has a lot of “ummm’s” and “uhh’s”. Yet he is a very eloquent speaker, and in the small amount of speeches he has made in the past which have | Read More »

    Fox Flushes out Ayers

    Fox News recently sent a reporter to Chicago to seek out terrorist William Ayers and to ask him if he wanted to apologize for his violent past. The reporter stuck a microphone in front of Ayers’ as Ayers’ unloaded his car on the street near his homeAyers said nothing, which is interesting for someone with so many opinions. But when the reporter crossed the line | Read More »

    Anti-Palin, Pro-Ayers

    Kathleen Parker on Sarah Palin: Palin’s recent interviews with Charles Gibson, Sean Hannity, and now Katie Couric have all revealed an attractive, earnest, confident candidate. Who Is Clearly Out Of Her League…. If BS were currency, Palin could bail out Wall Street herself.Kathleen Parker on William Ayers: “Palling around with terrorists,” as Sarah Palin said of Obama, gets to an underlying xenophobic, anti-Muslim sentiment. Using | Read More »

    Can we afford an upcoming Obama “$urrender doctrine/dividend?”

    October 2008, Joe Biden: “Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking… Watch, we’re going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy.” Suggested RNC reply Ad (YouTube) at end of this article. Frankly, depending on the crisis and where it occurs, | Read More »