Stupid Terrorist Tricks

    It has been reported that at least 40 al-Qaida terrorists have died from the plague in a training camp in Algeria. The report begs the question of how they contracted the deadly disease, which is believed to have been dormant for at least five years. Only relatively isolated outbreaks of the plague have been reported since The Third Pandemic in the middle of the 19th century, | Read More »

    GOP Mike’s “24” Premiere Review – A Liberal’s Horror!!!

    To my Conservative Friends: The much anticipated return of 24 starring Kiefer Sutherland had its 2-night, 4 hour premiere this week and for our bed-wetting, terrorist-coddling friends on the left side of the buffet table, it could not come at a worse time as the Messiah’s coronation as Prophet-in-Chief is all but hours away as the looney bleeding-hearts count down every second with unrivaled anticipation… | Read More »

    No On Eric Holder

    I’ve said earlier that I think a president, any president, is entitled to his own team. The exception to that would be cases where the individual has taken actions which conclusively demonstrates that he so lacks in character, judgment, or temperament that he should be disqualified. Eric Holder, former Deputy Attorney General under Bill Clinton, will begin confirmation hearings on or about January 15 to | Read More »

    Ship of fools turned away from Gaza

    When the IAF struck back after Israel finally said “enough” to Qassam rocket and mortar fire from Hamas, the first thought America’s terrorist-loving “peace activists” had was to load up a ship full of medical supplies for the oppressed and misunderstood terrorists and set sail for the Gaza Strip. Aboard was former Georgia congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who never misses an opportunity to pay back her | Read More »

    Closing Guantanamo

    President-Elect Obama has recently reiterated his intentions to close the terrorist detention facility at the U.S. installation at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. As former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Affairs, Charles “Cully” Stimson, has noted – actually closing the facility will prove far more difficult than Obama’s campaign rhetoric would suggest. In moving forward with this objective, President-Elect Obama would be well advised to | Read More »

    Lesson 1 on how to be a loyal opposition:

    Al-Quaeda has come out with its racist invective against both our country our President-Elect. Reponse: President-Elect Obama, please capture or kill these b–rds, and all other terrorist enemies of America, whether those enemies be in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, or even lurking in our own country. We will be behind you 100%–cheering your successes because you will be OUR president, and they are OUR enemies. If | Read More »

    “I Am Bill” (Ayers)

    Iowahawk pens a simple ode to all the Bill Ayers laboring away at their dreams. A taste: I AM BILL. I love the Cubs. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting in the grandstands of Wrigley Field sipping a cold one, dreaming of the day when my beloved Chicago People’s Cubbies bring home the Castro trophy at the World Series of Socialist Peace and Beisbol. | Read More »

    MI Morning Update 10-13-2008

    22 Days Until Election Day October 13, 2008 MORNING UPDATE:  OBAMA’S CHARACTER AND ASSOCIATIONS MATTER…Thomas Sowell has pointed out that there are serious doubts about Obama’s character and judgment raised by Obama’s lengthy associations, indeed alliances with Ayers, Dorhn, Rezko, Wright. Senator Obama’s explanations of these alliances miss the point, and are vague and unsatisfactory. There are also serious doubts raised by Obama’s association with | Read More »

    Media and what voters want to know

    **Don’t tell me what I want to know..I’ll tell you. I do care about the candidates associations and character. It is important because I don’t want the codes for our National Security in the hands of a terrorist backed, religious hate filled mind! Never Again! John Ashcroft, the only person in history beaten in an election by a dead man.

    Obama – $$$ and terrorists

    Did you know that Obama has 2 half brothers, Mark Ndesandjo and Raila Odinga? Mark lives in China as a ‘consultant’ – he speaks fluent Chinese and has been helping Chinese companies export goods to the US (some of which have been recalled). He hopes to increase his efforts once his brother is US President, expecting that Obama will relax restrictions on Chinese imports. Obama | Read More »

    Creepy Comrades: The Ayers-Chavez Connection

    In a recent post I referred to a speech unrepentant domestic terrorist and Obama associate Bill Ayers delivered in Caracas, Venezuela, to the 2006 World Education Forum, sponsored by UNESCO. His text is full of Marxist rhetoric, but that’s just Marxist Ayers being Ayers. He’s also a professor of education, and there’s nothing unusual about his presence at a global forum on education sponsored by | Read More »

    Obama ‘palling around’ with terrorists

    "Our opponent … is someone who sees America, it seems, as being so imperfect, imperfect enough, that he’s palling around with terrorists who would target their own country" Republican vice presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin on Saturday hit Obama for his longtime association with unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers: The New York Times article mentioned by Governor Palin is available here. It is a typical | Read More »

    Obama “I haven’t talked to the guy in a year and a half”

    This was his answer on O’Reilly when he interviewed with him couple weeks ago “I haven’t talke to the guy in a year and a half”. So he stopped talking to him right after he started to campaign.

    MI Morning Update 9-23-2008

    42 Days Until Election Day September 23, 2008 MORNING UPDATE: LAWNSIGNS DELIVERED STATEWIDE…over 150,000 McCain-Palin lawnsigns were distributed around the state over the last 24 hours. Signs and new bumper stickers should be in every county by Thursday. Let your neighbors know who you support, stop by a Victory Center near you! McCAIN IN MICHIGAN…TODAY…AGAIN…as Michigan continues to be “ground zero” for this campaign. Today | Read More »

    It’s Time To Remind The Electorate Of One Little Fact

    It’s time to remind the electorate of one little fact, and that fact is that the extreme factions in the Middleast have a huge interest in an Obama win. They will no doubt feel emboldened and there is sure to be a surge if Obama wins, however it won’t be a US Military surge, it’ll be a Jihad surge of the utmost importance. Remember this | Read More »