The Democratic Virginia primary continues to not surprise.

    (Via Jen Rubin) With two weeks left in the Virginia Democratic primary, the failed DNC chairman from New York is still ahead of both the corrupt brother of an anti-Semite and the guy who keeps hitting people with his car (thanks, Jim Geraghty), but the guy with the car is coming up fast: Raleigh, N.C. – The only candidate who has moved forward in the | Read More »

    I am not a shill for AIPAC.

    Thanks to R.S. McCain, I’ve been dragged into this complete non-scandal about him and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, so I might as well establish this now: I do not work for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. I am not directly compensated by AIPAC in any way. AIPAC has not provided me with any consideration in exchange for my highlighting the Israel-bashing escapades of | Read More »

    Moran, McAuliffe entering full contested-primary mode in VA.

    The conflict between two major Democratic candidates (mentioned in yesterday’s RedHot) for the nomination for Governor continues to escalate. For the benefit of those catching the story late, the two individuals are as follows: Brian Moran: former Virginia state legislator. Brother of notorious anti-AIPAC conspiracy theorist Rep. Jim Moran (D, VA-08). Pros: Is not Terry McAuliffe. Cons: Is probably best known for being brother of | Read More »

    Helen Lovejoy Runs for Governor

    Or at least that’s what one could easily assume after reading Democratic gubernatorial entrant Terry McAuliffe’s latest email to the faithful (and me…still don’t know how I got on that list). While referencing Bob McDonnell’s opposition to the “compromise” reach on banning smoking, Terry’s copywriters went to work: This week, Tim Kaine reached a bipartisan agreement with Republican Speaker of the House Bill Howell to | Read More »

    A “New Hope”

    I give the new McAuliffe gubernatorial campaign credit for its birth announcement. I certainly didn’t expect to get an email linking to a YouTube video on his website (which is very interesting…who knew you and your friends could invite him down for coffee to “…talk about Virginia.” Maybe he’s just asking for directions). But there it is. So what of the announcement itself? Boilerplate delivered | Read More »

    The Democratic Sniping Begins

    From the diaries, by Erick.The primary is months away, but if the emails are any indication, Democratic fur is going to fly. To wit: the McAuliffe campaign calls out the Moran camp…”Brian Moran and his campaign have been spending a curiously large amount of time focused on someone who’s not even a declared candidate for Governor yet, and their tone has been surprisingly negative. I’ve | Read More »

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