A Two-Month Tax Holiday Would Provide Immediate Relief to Taxpayers

    When the country is facing dire economic straits, those who believe in free market principles must stand together behind proposals that steer us toward enabling the private sector to work as intended and away from socialism. It was disappointing to read a release from the Heritage Foundation, a source of many good friends who normally support less government and less taxes, which demeaned proposals to | Read More »

    Michael Williams (R-TX) for Senate

    Promoted from Diaries. – Moe Lane I’ve been a big fan of Michael Williams’ for the last couple of years. I don’t quite remember how I, living in Oregon, came about knowing who the Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission was, but I support him to replace Kay Bailey Hutchison as the Senator from the great state of Texas. First, Hutchison is starting to set | Read More »

    Kay Bailey Hutchison One Step Closer To Running For Texas Governor

    Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (Republican-Texas) has taken one step closer to running for the Texas Governorship by establishing an exploratory committe today.  She transferred one million dollars from her Senate campaign to start the committee.  It has been speculated for awhile that she would challenge sitting Governor Rick Perry (Republican-Texas) in the 2010 race.  She has already relinquished her leadership position as Chairwoman of the | Read More »

    The Lone Star State is Flexing its Muscles

    “Although the nation’s economy has experienced a recent slowdown, the Texas economy continues to rev up. With the 12th largest economy in the world (if it were considered a nation), Texas now leads the U.S. in job creation, gross state product, low unemployment rate, and foreign direct investment. Part of the Lone Star State’s success stems from proactive government policies and incentives, low taxes, reasonable | Read More »


    CBC Six feted in Caribbean Hideaway.

    The first are bone-crushingly naive, of course: but the second have had a really rotten return on their investment, these last few years.But let’s check in with the New York Post, first: High-ranking members of Congress were flown to a lush Caribbean resort this month for a three-day conference planned and paid for by several of the country’s most powerful corporations – a violation of | Read More »

    The Battleground for Our Fiscal Future

    We’re told that the winds of political change have come to Washington. President-elect Obama has promised to govern from the center, to be the President of the whole nation. I certainly hope that is the case. But his record as a Senator hasn’t suggested moderation. And with large majorities in both the House and Senate, it is difficult to believe that Democrats will be able | Read More »

    FairTax Cosponsors in Texas

    FairTax Picks up another Congressman in Texas in Pete Olson (R). At least that is what we’ve been told. This puts the score at 14 cosponsors verses 6 who chose not to do so. That will give us 70% Republican support and 0% Democrat support in the House of Representatives for Texas. ‘Freedoms Truth’ gave the low down in his bit “http://www.redstate.com/diaries/wosg/2008/nov/18/tx-21-and-the-other-tx-house-seats/ But I’d like | Read More »

    TX-21 and the other TX House seats

    I live in TX-21, Lamar Smith. He was pro-bailout and votes for too many pork barrel spending bills. Otherwise a good conservative Republican Congressman. He didn’t even draw a Democrat challenger this time around. SAFE.Since that is quite boring, and I have the 2008 Texas election results handy, let’s look at the other TX districts:

    Texas Measure Would Ban Straight-Ticket Voting

    Texas State Representative Joe Straus (R-Alamo Heights) is proposing a measure in the Texas House that would ban straight-ticket voting. Texas is currently one of 17 states that provides this option on the ballot.

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    Congrats Senator Cornyn, Now Be Careful Who You Pick

    Dear Senator Cornyn,Congratulations. You are now de facto NRSC Chairman. I trust you will do a competent job.I’m very concerned though, sir. Members of the House and Senate, when they get in leadership positions, sometimes surround themselves with people who want to be there for the resume line, not the cause.Your cause, sir, is to pick up seats in 2010. That will be a year | Read More »

    Texas gained almost 248,000 jobs

    Come on down – even if you live in a blue state.Updated October 29, 2008Texas continues to fare better economically than most other states. With our mix of industries and avoidance of the housing price bubble, Texas should have more resistance to – but not immunity from – recessionary conditions.In fiscal 2008, Texas’ gross state product grew by 4.1 percent, versus 1.5 percent for the | Read More »


    Looking good for TX-07, TX-22.

    Via AoSHQ’s headline feature, Doubleplusundead has some good news on that front. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Lampson (D) in TX-22 is fading against Olson (R), while Culberson (R) in TX-07 is maintaining his own lead.The NRCC has an ad out for Olsen:…which is probably going to give Democrats fits, which is always nice. Anyway, Culberson is currently being outspent by challenger Skelly, and | Read More »

    Nick Lampson Lies. The TV Station Is Unhappy

    How desperate is Nick Lampson in TX-22? He sent out an email blast the other day that readProsecutors were quick to move on a felony complaint that was filed after evidence was discovered showing Pete Olson (with the same addresses and signature of candidate Olson) voted and maintained voter registration in Connecticut and Virginia. Voter fraud is a felony in both states. It’s a total | Read More »

    In TX-22, Will Nick Lampson Get His Wife’s Vote?

    Tonight, liberal incumbent Nick Lampson and conservative challenger Pete Olson will debate at a candidate’s forum. Or at least they’re scheduled to debate – who knows if Lampson will actually show up, since he’s skipped out on these irritating debate things before.If I were one of the Texas-22 citizen questioners attending this debate, I would ask a simple question of Congressman Lampson: does Lampson anticipate | Read More »

    Hilarity Ensues in TX-22 at Nick Lampson’s Expense

    The NRCC has yanked ads from TX-22, where they’d been pouring money in to Pete Olson’s campaign against Nick Lampson. According to documents obtained by FortBendNow, the NRCC had initially planned to spend $1,489, 320 on television ads in the Houston market, but has now reduced that amount to $593,730. The NRCC has not commented on the reason for the almost $900,000 cut. The Lampson | Read More »