Rush Limbaugh and the True Story of Thanksgiving

    From the diaries by Erick. If you go out and do a Google search on “true story of thanksgiving” you will be inundated with articles of how the pilgrims made war and spread disease to the Indians. Well, that is true to history, but it has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. It occured in the years following the great gathering and we shouldn’t let it | Read More »

    Thanksgiving Celebration for Children Protested

    From the diaries by Erick. You knew this would happen in California, right? In Claremont, California (county of Riverside) there exists as in many schools across the nation a celebration of Thanksgiving where children dress up in construction paper costumes as Indians or Pilgrims, and have school plays and parties. A four-decade tradition in Claremont, kindergartners at Condit and Mountain View elementary schools take turns | Read More »

    Open Thread: I am thankful for…..

    I want to offer up some thanks, which I will below. But at this time, I also want ALL of us to tell all our friends at RedState what we are thankful for at this time. Shameless plug alert – special EPU favor, please: can we all Rec this? I’d like this to sit on the Rec List for 3-4 days, so that ALL of | Read More »

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Even though we are supposedly in the Wilderness, that does not mean that we can’t be thankful for what we do have in 2008: No major terror attacks on American soil since 2001. That Sarah Palin has become a major figure in the Right. That our losses in 2008 were not as devastating as they could have been. That we have had a president who | Read More »

    The Real Story of Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving. What more can you say? There is an American magic about Thanksgiving, perhaps the most anticipated holiday of the year that fills in the gap between autumn’s waning grace and winter’s hard slap. Best of all, it is 4 whole days long, or maybe 5 days or 9 days depending on how you count it. After all, who even thinks seriously about work on | Read More »

    My giving thanks this year

    What to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:(A look around my little world for people and matters that I am thankful for everyday) 1) The love and support of my family as I have endured a rough personal spring and fall. My economic and marital matters suffered severe hits, yet I still stand tall thanks to them. 2) A much maligned President, who to this day, | Read More »

    Thanksgiving And Our American Heritage

    As I was anticipating what Thanksgiving would offer, great food, time with our families, football, Christmas decorating and reflecting on the goodness that God has bestowed, I was traveling on one of the main highways near my home. It was unusually cold for the Southeastern Coastal Area and the chill in the air actually added to the warm holiday feeling. My thoughts were centering around | Read More »

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