Telling Truth from Lies

    Truth is funny.  You can beat on it, cross-examine it, and it always shines true. Like gold.  It doesn’t corrode or otherwise degrade. It is extremely durable. LIES Lies are different.  They hold up to casual inspection.  But upon deeper inspection, a lie raises one or more questions that cannot be answered satisfactorily.  That is the hallmark of a lie. Take Obama’s health care proposal, | Read More »

    Helping with Hurricane Gustav, Day Two

    I’d like to add to yesterday’s post suggesting our readers chip in to charities such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, as well as some excellent local efforts that were left in the comments, that generous giving to a good cause is a great testimony to the American spririt. It speaks to the belief that the government shouldn’t be responsible for everything–and that | Read More »

    I quit.

    I wish I’d researched Eagle Publishing and Regnery’s associations much sooner – I might have spared myself some of the dismay with its sordid roster of authors (whom it may also be cheating) and its methods of attack-journalism as evidenced in Human Events. The events of the last two weeks have only amplified my desire to no longer associate with agents of voter exploitation and | Read More »