The AP Lies: On the Economy, Terror, Now Palin

    Dan Calabrese, of North Star Writers, wrote a great piece on the state of The Associated Press. The AP has become a disgrace and a danger to America. They have become a blog for the moron in our White House and are directly to blame for ending what was once the media. He Writes: On The Economy If you read any AP story about the | Read More »

    Governor Palin Vs. The Nefarious Associated Press

    The Honorable Governor Palin had this to say about the latest media BS: inaccurate story floating around regarding any ethics violation & Legal Defense Fund. The matter is still pending and new information was just requested. Their will be a final report. Amanda Carpenter, of Human Events, responds to the Associated Press’s illegal and premature leak about Governor Palin and the most resent ethics complaint. | Read More »