Charlie Sheen interviews for Green Jobs Czar position.

    Fortunately, the White House is going to avoid hiring 9/11 Troofers overtly for a while – bad news for members of the Democratic party’s base who haven’t scored executive branch jobs yet, but good news for the rest of the country. And they aren’t going to give 9/11 Troofers exclusive interviews with the President… probably. Maybe. One hopes. Well, they will almost certainly not let | Read More »

    “Five Laws of the Crazy Tree” – and my sixth.

    Jesse Walker’s post on the subject is good (via Ed Driscoll*) – his gist is that the Crazy Tree is not linked to any particular people or group, even the ones that you don’t like – but it’s incomplete.  Here’s the Sixth Law of the Crazy Tree: The fruits that you gather from the Crazy Tree are much worse than the ones that I gather. | Read More »