Michael Jackson has been laid to rest.  His glorious career and talent are now entombed in a hand polished, gold-plated Promethean sepulcher. Ironically, Prometheus, son of a Titan, stole fire from Zeus and was sentenced to eternity being devoured by a vulture.  Michael, ablaze with the fire of the gods, was led to ruin by a Titan career. According to Greek mythology, Hercules rescued Prometheus from | Read More »

    Galvanized at the Gallows

    President Obama former pessimist, recently converted optimist found a way to have it both ways exuding pessimism and optimism at the same time by exercising a hearty dose of misappropriated “gallows humor” in the midst of national hardship. Gallows humor mocks life-threatening, catastrophic, horrifying situations. Steve Kroft’s, 60 Minutes interview illustrated to anyone with “eyes to see and ears to hear”, that the President is | Read More »