Raising Taxes ALWAYS Hurts the Economy

    President Obama has offered the Republicans a compromise. He’ll cut spending if Republicans agree to a tax increase. Obama gives a little; the Republicans give a little. What could be fairer?The Republicans are resisting for several reasons. Some point to similar agreements in the past, which generated large tax increases but few spending cuts. Others are concerned that breaking their pledge against tax increases would | Read More »

    The Stimulus Didn’t Work? I’m Shocked!

    So the New York Times thinks Obama’s Stimulus didn’t work according to this morning’s op-ed. They think Washington isn’t doing enough to make the economy grow! So… more of the same would have created better results, more jobs? The Left will never understand that more government doesn’t a strong economy make. I frankly think Mr. O’s “Stimulus” has actually done exactly what he intended. It | Read More »

    Some Republicans As Clueless As Dems

    On November 2nd, we witnessed one of the largest political shifts to the Right in this Country’s history.  It is what we have been working for during the last two years, and it was gratifying to see that the American people have realized we were going in the wrong direction.  But now, the work begins.  Now the Republican leadership must lead and they must focus | Read More »

    Will Republicans Hand Obama Another Term?

    Incumbent Presidents historically do well if the economy is doing well.  With the possible exception of executive order, Congress really controls the agenda and direction of this Country.  They control what bills move forward and they control the funding of all federal programs.  That is why blaming George Bush for the economic woes of the last four years and eighteen months is so ridiculous.  The | Read More »

    March on Washington

    September 10th, 11th and 12th Patriots are being asked to gather in Washington to demonstrate we are still a nation of the people , by the people and for the people. I sincerely hope that many here attend and spread the word or even bring a friend along. Numbers MATTER! This IS OUR COUNTRY. Lets give em a crowd SO LARGE they(The Governing Class in | Read More »

    Random Economic Thoughts

    When other state’s lawmakers give you such a low grade that they openly ridicule your efforts, to the unprecedented extent of naming a bill after your state, perhaps you should pay attention. Perhaps the other 48 states should pay attention, too. **polite cough** Perhaps that attention should extend to DC. Texas lawmakers State Rep. Ken Paxton (R-McKinney) and State Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston) dubbed their | Read More »

    Who dealt this (financial) mess, anyway?

    http://h1.ripway.com/quietmc/mccain.htm The links below will work if you get to the website listed above. Who dealt this mess anyway? (An old card players’ expression.) From the Washington Post: Mr. McCain was an early voice calling for the resignation of Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Harvey Pitt, charging that he “seems to prefer industry self-policing to necessary lawmaking. Government’s demands for corporate accountability are only credible | Read More »

    Ayers vs. The Economy

    I don’t think people get Ayers. The two important things about Ayers are that (1) it had the ability to pierce the MSM veil and (2) it creates doubts about Obama’s character and agenda. Sometimes you throw spaghetti at the wall and you work with what sticks. Odinga is not sticking. Trying to pin Jim Johnson on Obama did not stick. McCain went from have | Read More »