The verdict

    Well. There it is. As I have been saying for months, if he was who I thought he was, he would not lose. Such a being would not run for POTUS, and lose. And he didn’t. I couldn’t even pray against it. I couldn’t bring myself to think the REAL Messiah would change a plan that was at least 2500 years old on MY say-so. | Read More »

    The After. The Before. The Future, Present, and Past.

    Like yesterday and tomorrow, the sun rises today. The landscape this morning, early as I post, looks much different from yesterday. Congratulations to Barack Obama who has made history and proven we are nation that has moved beyond the need for quotas and affirmative action. The thirty years Sandra Day O’Connor speculated we might need before reconsidering affirmative action came a hell of a lot | Read More »