Obama to leave Hawaii early for more fiscal cliff political theater

    In an obviously preplanned propaganda ploy, President Obama will leave his Hawaiian vacation “early” returning to Washington to engage in more fiscal cliff political theater. When Fox News first reported Obama’s travel plans, we were reminded that Obama let it slip last week that he would return this week: An administration official tells Fox it is now “likely” the President flies back to Washington late | Read More »

    Not What If, What Next Part III – Breaking The 4th Seal

    Demand that the House to do the following.

    1) Pass a budget that totally allows the US to go off the Fiscal Cliff. Remind President Obama that he and they made a deal that they intend to honor to the letter as a show of good faith and bipartisan agreement that all Americans should emulate in current and parlous predicament.

    2) Refuse a continuing resolution until the US Senate does likewise. Remind them that bipartisanship is always a two-way street and the US Senate does have a professional responsibility with respect to the Federal budget process.

    3) When the Senate self-righteously and arrogantly refuses, refuse to raise the debt ceiling, citing the fact that it is irresponsible to issue more debt when you have no coherent statement as to how those funds are intended to be spent.

    4) When Barack Obama rails against them, remind him firmly, yet politely that the House has passed a budget and stands more than willing to work with the US Senate anytime they choose to actually fulfill their legal and Constitutional obligations.

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