Harry Reid Coins An Evil Fallacy

    So the law is THE LAW when Senator Reid says it’s the law. When it becomes a political convenience to get rid of it, he can argue against and vote against THE LAW that he previously voted in favor of. When the President finds parts of a law hard to implement or remarkably unpopular, he can enforce it piecemeal. When a person Harry Reid likes (himself for example) is harmed or inconvenienced; he can get waivers because in his case it is “different.” But if you oppose the law itself, there is no need for discussion. It’s THE LAW.

    Under a similar set of circumstances to Socrates, if I were confronted by a law like Obamacare in argument, I’d want to drink too.

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    Red State Booknotes: The Law (Part III)

    This is my final entry for The Law by Frederick Bastait. As I said last time, I have really enjoyed this book. It was a very quick read, and really made me think. Is there anything more one could ask from a book? There are two points I want to focus on this week from the reading. Law and Charity are not the same. “The | Read More »

    Red State Booknotes: The Law (Part II)

    This week’s reading in Frederick Bastiat’s The Law, can be divided into two parts:  what do socialists believe, and what is liberty?  I think Mr. Bastiat does a good job of explaining  both. What Do Socialists Believe? Citing a number of contemporary author’s, Mr. Bastiat explains the socialist view in their own words.  He cites Bossuet, Fenelon, Montesquieu, Rousseau, and Raynal.  Each of them discuss | Read More »

    Red State Booknotes: The Law (Part I)

    This is my first entry for the new Red State Booknotes version 3.0.  It’s hard to pick a point in the first twenty pages of The Law to discuss for this post. I am so amazed at this book that I would like to just reprint the twenty pages and be done with it. However, if I must pick, there is one point towards the | Read More »

    Red State Booknote Version 3.0

    I would like to re-re-start the book notes project.  I really enjoyed it both times we’ve tried to do it.  I also found that I really learned a lot from the books. This isn’t sanctioned by Erick (that I know of), but I am going forward with it.  Erick had originally wanted to do Frederic Bastait’s The Law.  I humbly suggest we read it and | Read More »