Behold those scary, scary swastika-bearing astroturfers.

    (Brief summary for those lacking video: Dallas AARP meeting went wrong for organizers when participants refused to sit down, shut up, and applaud Democratic talking points. Organizers then left; meeting continued.) Complete with their quoting Madison and their insisting that AARP worked for them and not the other way around and their refusal to believe that AARP iasn’t sucking up to the administration on health | Read More »

    Mr. President, I AM THE MOB

    President Barack Obama, I am writing this to let you know that I am the mob. You see those people crowding in front of courthouses, in the streets, and in public spaces in towns and cities across the country as part of the Tea Party movement? That’s me. You see those people daring to hold their Senators, Congressmen and Women, and other public officials accountable | Read More »