Liberal Commentators and the “Other”

    You can easily insert the name of your local leftwing columnist.  They are all arguing the same talking points with few exceptions.  Collectivists rely on a political device to keep their identity groups in the fold.  Political affiliations are not naturally occurring; they are contrived coalitions that pretend people from disparate groups have common goals.  Political operatives need something to rally these otherwise different groups | Read More »

    Recovery Summer vs. The Bedwetters

    This election year has been wacky.  I’m consistenly baffled by the Left’s approach to this cycle.  One moment, they are busy reassuring themselves that this is just a fluke, a canard, the polls are wrong and our opposition to The Party is manufactured.  They believe Obamanomics is working just fine and the good, trusting, gullible American people will respond if they just repeat their lies sincerely and | Read More »