Russia Invited To Iceland’s Airbase

    In the wake of the election, I took the view that the international scene would be the dominant factor in the immediate future – as various bad actors moved to exploit perceived weak leadership over here. I figured that “Russia won’t be the worst, but they’ll be first” – since the Russians are in a hurry for their own reasons. But things are moving much | Read More »

    “EU-Russia Summit Calls For Halt Of U.S. Missile Defense Program”

    Well, the “fun” continues: [EU-Russia Summit Calls For Halt Of U.S. Missile Defense Program]( The Russians are clearly energized and pushy – due to the recent election of the Veal-Calf-in-Chief. And they’ve clearly got the weak old-Europe countries on the run. This is nightmare scenario that’s been around for some time – and one that I got earfuls about when I was in eastern Europe | Read More »

    “The Veal-Calf Generation” (Updated)

    Your humble correspondent first stumbled across Nibras Kazimi back in January 2007. After my RedState debut with an essay on the historical parallels between Iraq (as it was then) and Guadalcanal (1942- 1943), he found the essay – he really liked it, said so publicly, and we corresponded about it for a bit. Today, Mr. Kazimi has a new piece out with the seemingly abstract | Read More »