Did Ethanol Subsidies and Ben Bernanke Just Lose Egypt?

    In Alan Greenspan’s autobiography, Age of Turbulence, he describes being humbled by then-President Ronald Reagan. Greenspan answered the president in a manner Mr. Reagan deemed overly presumptuous. Mr. Reagan then invited Mr. Greenspan to show him the portion of The US Constitution that required Mr. Reagan to appoint a Chair-Person over The Federal Reserve. Unlike Ezra Klein at The WaPo, Alan Greenspan did not think | Read More »

    Helicopter Ben and Why They All Seem To Hate Us.

    “The international community has every reason to feel worried, so the U.S. side owes it a proper explanation for the move,” Vice Foreign Minister Cui Tiankai from China (HT: My Way News) They seem to hate us because our Federal Reserve Chairman feels like detonating the US Dollar. Hyperbole aside, what Ben Bernanke has done has announced a program to add $600Bn of liquidity to | Read More »