2010 is America’s Thermopylae

    If you saw the movie 300, you essentially know the computer-generated and highly-stylized story of the Battle of Thermopylae.  However, it is the real story of the Battle of Thermopylae that is far more inspiring. It has been argued that, were it not for this battle and, ultimately, the defeat of the hordes of the Persian Empire at Salamis and, later, at Marathon, the nation-states | Read More »

    Quin Hillyer and Thermopylae

    This column by Quin is made of awesome. Conservatives want Thermopylae. Congressional Republican leaders instead imitate the Confederate defense of Atlanta — the one that led a local editor to write that General Joseph E. Johnston’s reputation had “grown with every backward step.”Thermopylae, of course, was where the famed “300″ Spartans (and about 1,200 others) fought off many tens of thousands of Persians for three | Read More »