The Evil Consequences of Sharing the Wealth

    “The Cuban model doesn’t even work for us anymore” – Fidel Castro (HT: Associated Press) Fidel Castro finally saw the light. It took him long enough, but after lo the decades of multiple-hour Jeremiads, El Jefe has finally made a statement that I can contest on no rational gravamen. The Cuban Model does not work. It does not work for Cuba, it did not work | Read More »

    Obama’s Unending “Deliberation” An Excuse For Cowardice

    “Enough talk!” – Conan. I’m all in favor of deliberative, thoughtful planning on the part of a major political leader. It beats the fierce urgency of political expediency any day of the week. Anyone who ever had to decide anything knows you can learn valuable wisdom from a BOGSAT, (Bunch of Guys Sitting Around and Talking) if you invite the right BOG. That holds true | Read More »