VIDEO: Thomas Ricks Rolls Fox News

    Thomas Ricks, author of The Generals, recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the Benghazi terror attack and ostensibly to shed light on his book that has been slipping in sales. Jon Scott, the host, began by asking Ricks’ opinion on the controversial pick by President Obama of Susan Rice to serve as the new Secretary of State. Ricks, however, had his own agenda and | Read More »

    A welcome but unnecessary defense of West Point.

    Why I love America, Reason #4654908: In Defense of West Point: A Cadet Responds to Thomas Ricks My fellow cadets at West Point, in moments of overwhelming stress and cynicism, often compare our “rockbound highland home” to prison. Like inmates, cadets are regularly deprived of a wide range of social freedoms that “normal college students” would see as constitutional rights—we are told when, what, and | Read More »