Thomas Tamm should be executed for treason

    DOJ LAWYER NOT EVEN BEING PROSECUTED FOR COSTING AMERICAN LIVES Why is this man not in jail, facing prosecution for treason? Easy answer, that. The Bush administration has fought the GWOT admirably, relentlessly, and with great success. But with equal steadfastness, they have utterly failed to defend the home front. Not only has the administration failed to stand up to 8 long years of countless, | Read More »

    A Traitor Painted a Hero

    In today’s world of moral relativism, the media frequently reverses labels and agendas. Good men are made the villain. Villains are made good men. Heros are made traitors and traitors are made heros. After spending thousands of words to claim God is a proponent of gay marriage, Newsweek works hard to paint a traitor as a hero. Meet Thomas Tamm. Mr. Tamm is the man | Read More »