Aratrum Republic

    Three days late, but I hope well worth it. Not makeing excuses, but we had major shifts in the weather over the weekend, and the start of this week, and it completely killed me. So, I present my answer to my own Thought Experiment: Aratrum Republic Now remember, this is for a small island nation of about 400K. So it does have a strong central | Read More »

    Make Your Own Nation

    I am so sick of our federal government, I began to think to myself: If I was given total control, how would I start a nation-state? I have been thinking about this a lot actually. Then I begin to think to myself, what would other people think of doing? So, how would organized your nation-state? To help jump-start you, I have for you a map | Read More »

    BigGator5 (R FL-05) 2010!

    Ok, not really. I want to go through a thought experiment in which I, BigGator5, was to run for Florida’s 5th Congressional District. Since I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, we’ll say Ginny Brown-Waite has chosen to retire and return to private life at the end of her current term. I want to make it clear that she is not and I fully | Read More »