June 20th at the Supreme Court

    Yesterday, the Court announced decisions in three cases. Unfortunately, none of them were among the big 4 remaining cases: DOMA, Proposition 8, affirmative action in college admissions and Voting Rights Act. Each case decided, however, is interesting in its own right with one decision somewhat controversial involving free speech. The first case, Descamps vs. United States involves the Armed Career Criminal Act. This law specifies | Read More »

    Reforming The Republic V: Fixing The American City

    I would argue Baltimore is not a statistical outlier, but rather a predictable precursor – a canary in the coalmine if you will that indicates what American cities will increasingly degenerate towards going forward if our nation does not significantly reform how we handle them. Cities in Post-Modern Amerika suffer from an interlocking directory of failure modes which retard their economic and social development. This scares many productive and worthwhile people out of setting foot on one of their streets unless necessity brooks no other course of action. A typical American City will usually be worse than the surrounding countryside in crime, illegitimacy, educational outcomes, and economic opportunity. This is precisely opposite of how it was originally intended to work.

    So just what does America do about murder as lifestyle in Baltimorgue, bankruptcy in Detroit, or the perception at least of deliberate Apartheid in new Haven, CT? Here’s what I think should be a reasonable to-do list.

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