Man Assaulted At Public Forum For (Gasp) Filming a Candidate’s Speech

    Yet more violence from those racist Tea Partiers peace-loving, tolerant Democrats and their constituents. The video documents the incident, but I will sum it up. 1) The event occurs at a PUBLIC FORUM. The moderator asks that all filming cease. The cameraman continues to film. 2) Someone tells the cameraman to stop filming. When refused on the grounds that he is exercising 1st Amendment rights | Read More »

    Thuggish Reactions to the Passage of Prop. 8

    Podcast Show Notes Racial slurs fired against African Americans by homosexual Proposition 8 opponents and seeking retribution against supporters of Proposition 8. Church burnings threatened, elderly attacked. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.) Something rotten in the state of Minnesota with the recount. (Hat Tip: Hot Air.) State employee on administrative leave due to snooping into the records of Joe the Plumber. (Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin.) Obama’s | Read More »