Waterboarding, torture, and the law of unintended consequences.

    I think that Allahpundit is over-analyzing the reasons why support for ‘torture’ is currently polling at 54/41 in favor (God help us all).  It looks fairly simple to me: the antiwar movement has spent the last five or six years attempting to equate waterboarding to torture.  They even more or less succeeded – but then they made a classic mistake: they assumed that stigmatization would | Read More »

    “Turning the Jukebox Into An Instrument of Torture”

    Since learning that their music was used at high volumes to induce terrorists to cooperate with the US, groups such as Nine Inch Long Nails, R.E.M, Rosanne Cash, Rage Against the Machine, and Pearl Jam are filing FOIAs with the DoD and supporting the closure of Gitmo. REM issued a statement: “We have spent the past 30 years supporting causes related to peace and justice | Read More »

    Dunbar Village Gang Rape

    You may wonder what this topic has to do with the Red State site?  I was in a Palm Beach County courtroom on Friday and was able to hear the most incredible story of love and courage and I thought that I would share it with you.  In case you didn’t hear this story and don’t about it, I warn you that it is  an | Read More »

    So, the DNC declares that Cheney’s a proponent of torture.

    (Via Hot Air Headlines) Explicitly, and as part of the pushback to the Cheney interview where the former Vice President weighed the current President in the balance, and found him wanting. Democrats hit back just minutes after Cheney’s interview aired. The Democratic National Committee fired off an e-mail to reporters disputing Cheney’s argument that the CIA records released last week showed the enhanced interrogation techniques | Read More »

    ‘Of course not: that’s what France is for.’

    (Via Instapundit) My first reaction to this piece of news: Administration officials have stated that they do not plan to suspend the policy of extraordinary rendition but that they will instead introduce stricter measures to prevent torture and will no longer send prisoners to countries with histories of abuse. Bolding mine, and let me translate: the Obama administration has decided to institute a policy of | Read More »

    Conscience Under Attack

    Nurse given ultimatum: Help with abortion or lose your job, by Rick Moran @ AmericanThinker.com. First of all, my heart goes out to nurse Catherina Cenzon-DeCarlo. She was the “other” innocent in this story. I pray God will grant her forgiveness and the peace of absolution. Not only is abortion an unspeakable atrocity, but forcing someone you know who feels that way about them to | Read More »

    Obama avoided hard issues to curry favor

    There is little doubt President Barack Obama gave a well-delivered speech to the Muslim world today. For that, he deserves credit. Where he ultimately failed was his avoidance of the tough issues. While his lofty rhetoric touched on some of the bones I am about to pick, it wasn’t specific enough to make a difference. Here is where he fell down and fell short: 1. | Read More »

    Welcome to the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, Gawker.

    I’m sorry to have to tell you folks at The Gawker this, but it’s over.  You’ve been tagged by the guy from the cow college as Outside the Pale, and you’re not coming back from that. It’s like this: you were fine with this post, for a given value of fine: you took precisely the line that was expected of you with the Mancow narrative.  | Read More »

    How GITMO could save America

    Cheney and Obama held their twin security/torture/GITMO speeches yesterday. Obama delivered his usual mesmerizing, self-centered speech, in which he complained about the “mess” that the previous adminstration had left him. As Politico points out, he’s given this type of speech before. In his speech, which had been booked weeks in advance, Cheney argued that the anger over waterboarding is “recklessness cloaked in righteousness”. But these | Read More »

    Jesse Ventura gets it right: let’s make our cities safe again

    This is my first diary so I wanted to say hi to everyone! Please let me know if there’s something wrong with the formatting! I was watching The View the other day (I know, I know), and Jesse Ventura was on. At first, I figured he was just going to give the same liberal apologia we’ve been hearing for what seems like an eternity now… | Read More »

    Liberal extremists seek disbarment of Bush lawyers

    Encouraged by the green light President Obama recently gave to his Attorney General, Eric Holder, left-wing liberal/progressive extremists are seeking disbarment of a dozen Bush administration lawyers linked to legal opinions concerning the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques. The extremists are seeking retribution by persecution because these lawyers concluded, after a legal review, the enhanced interrogation techniques, including waterboarding, did not violate the legal prohibition of | Read More »

    Holder did as much tapdancing this week as Pelosi did

    The full 3-hour plus session before the House Judiciary Committee is available here on C-SPAN. Here are some highlights – scrolling around is a bit of a pain. Times are approximate. I’ll point out the parts worth watching by highlighting them. 00:00 – Holder’s opening statement 10:00 – John Conyers barely stays awake while trying to read his opening statement, and by the end of | Read More »

    You can almost *smell* the relief coming from this Salon Prevarigate piece…

    …because now they have an acceptable devil figure to blame it all on. Via @vermontaigne (and Protein Wisdom): Cheney’s torture trap for Democrats [Note: Salon defines 'waterboarding' as 'torture' throughout this article. Please calibrate your semantic filters accordingly. - ML] You might have thought getting torture back in the news would be a bad move for any Republican; after all, it was the Bush administration | Read More »

    Pelosi Beclowns Herself

    What can you say about a video that speaks so clearly for itself? If you don’t believe Pelosi is lying through her teeth at this point, you never will. Her story has changed repeatedly, and the one she’s telling now makes no sense. You get the feeling that about halfway through her appearance, she suddenly realizes that the press isn’t going to simply reprint her | Read More »

    Why Didn’t Pelosi Act?

    Speaker Pelosi claims that the CIA lied to her about its handling of terrorist detainees held by the United States. She claims not to have been informed about the methods being used to get information from prisoners. Obviously, this is almost certainly false. Why would the CIA have informed other lawmakers about interrogation methods, but not Pelosi? But even if we take her at her | Read More »