A Win is a Win

    Sometimes conservative wins come in small packages.  But a win is a win. That’s what happened this past week in the House of Representatives when a subcommittee added reforms to legislation designed to encourage tourism into the United States. There is little debate that tourism is a major job and wealth creator for the country and you don’t have to live in a place like | Read More »

    South Park Bridge: City, State of Washington draws International Critisism

    In a column yesterday, Times Columnist showed solidarity with the People of South Park, WA.  In beautiful Victoria, Canada, an opinion columnist compared the lack of sound planning in bridging communities in their neighborhood, to the forgotten people of South Park. “Doing nothing about the 86-year-old bridge is probably not an option. That strategy has not worked in Seattle, where the 80-year-old South Park Bridge | Read More »

    Visa Waiver Program Tariff

    Somehow, I don’t think this is what people had in mind when Obama said he would be creating jobs. According to an article by the Associated Press reported at Yahoo News, the European Union is up in arms about a new proposed fee for tourists to the United States from people in countries who are not required to obtain a visa to enter the country*. | Read More »

    Las Vegas is so gay: Congress at work

    Disney, unhappy with a drop off in tourism, has come up with a novel idea to get people to go see the rat and his minion in Florida: tax them. Jeff Birnbaum, writing in the Washington Post last year, did a stunning job capturing just what an astroturf campaign the tourism industry has created in Congress. It is widely accepted at Disney — if not | Read More »