Townsend Challenges Schumer’s Record

    See the link below for a Fox 5 News interview of Jay Townsend, challenger to incumbent Senator Chuck Schumer of New York. In it, he challenges Schumer on his record of fiscal irresponsibility and tendency to tax New Yorkers out of jobs and a future. There will be a televised debate between the two on Sunday, October 24th at 7pm at Marist College in Poughkeepsie. It | Read More »

    Political Arrogance

    Chuck Schumer is the bad stereotype of today’s politician: smug in his superiority over the “little people” and anyone who dares to defy or question him, he had hoped to avoid even running a campaign this election cycle, counting on the fact that his relatively unknown opponent would be unable to match him in money and resources. Thanks to the new media and Jay Townsend’s | Read More »

    New York, New York

    If we can make it there, We’ll make it anywhere, It’s up to you, New York, New York!!!! Extraordinary times call for extraordinary events.  American history is replete with underdogs winning fights, starting with our Revolution in 1775.  There was no way American colonists, with such a huge pool of loyalists, were ever going to beat the British.  The British were the most powerful country | Read More »

    Jay Townsend for NY-SEN

    I was surprised to notice earlier today that there has been little coverage on NY-SEN here on Redstate. While many consider it a foregone conclusion that Chuck Schumer will win again, there is a groundswell forming under Jay Townsend. While the reader would do well to read up on him themselves and understand his platform, I will say he is a conservative first and Republican | Read More »