Pope Francis: A Simple Man For A Complex Time

    “Preach the gospel and when necessary use words.” – St. Francis of Assisi

    I am bad. I am sinful. I am utter, degraded moral filth*. I also exaggerate when I blog and haven’t been to confession lately. I am a living, breathing part of what could be termed as Christianity’s massive free rider problem. I have benefitted tremendously from everything that Christianity has given to the world and not given back even a tithing in return.

    To make wretched matters worse; I’m not even Catholic but intend to blog about the new Pontifex Maximus anyhow. To mitigate this somewhat, I intend to accentuate the positive. My initial impression is that he is the absolutely perfect choice to deliver a critical tandem of moral messages. Simple does not equal stupid, complex and modern do not automatically equal good.

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    A changing pardigm – can the Republicans adapt?

    There is a changing political paradigm, and to survive the Republicans need to understand what is different. The era of Activist Federalism ushered in with John F Kennedy is giving way to a new Scalable Local Activist paradigm. People sent to Washington aren’t going to solve problems. Washington is the problem, and they are being sent there for damage control.

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