Barack Obama, I Remember Ronald Reagan, And You Are NO Reagan

    Almost before the ink had dried on the recently signed START I Treaty between The United States and Russia, the Main, (lame), Stream Media and the spin masters at The White House began making comparisons between Barack Obama and the great Ronald Reagan. First, for the record, before I begin detailing WHY there is no comparison, trying to make this comparison in an insult to | Read More »

    Report: “Obama Has Legal Authority to Make a Binding Commitment in Copenhagen Without Congress”

    For Immediate Release, December 8, 2009 Contact: Kevin Bundy, (415) 436-9682 x 313, [email protected] Report: President Obama Has the Clear Legal Authority to Make a Binding Commitment for Greenhouse Gas Reductions in Copenhagen Without Waiting for Congress COPENHAGEN— The Center for Biological Diversity’s Climate Law Institute released a report today demonstrating that President Obama has clear legal authority to commit the United States to reducing | Read More »

    Liberals Love to Hate: Guns

    H/T to Lukem at USACarry. Liberals have made guns one of their chief enemies and primary targets.  After all, guns allow us to protect ourselves instead of relying on government protection.  They give us the ability to provide sustenance for our families.  They give us the opportunity to protect ourselves from an overbearing, controlling and tyrannical government (which, of course, is the primary goal of | Read More »