Gov. Palin’s Trooper Troubles – UPDATE

    Attorney General Talis Colberg’s motion to quash Legislative subpoenae was filed today. The motion and other relevant documents are available here: The motion was prepared and will likely be argued by AAG Jan DeYoung, one of Alaska’s better, maybe best, civil side AAGs, so they’re taking this quite seriously. Fundamentally, they are challenging both the structure and the authority of the investigation and its | Read More »

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    Palin’s October Surprise

    On Oct. 10th, the Alaskan Democrat ran investigation of Palin will released its report. Obviously, they will do anything to damage Palin. Here are some points about the Kangaroo Court that is running the invesigation of Palin: The Democrat State Senator running the investigation has said that the investigation will be an October surprise and will be damaging to Palin. How does he know that | Read More »