To Sever or Not To Sever–Trouble Ahead for Obamacare

    There’s trouble ahead for Obamacare, due to a glaring omission may be gone before it ever gets implemented, due to the lack of a severability clause. Was this by accident or design? Depends upon your point of view and level of cynicism.

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    Russia Invited To Iceland’s Airbase

    In the wake of the election, I took the view that the international scene would be the dominant factor in the immediate future – as various bad actors moved to exploit perceived weak leadership over here. I figured that “Russia won’t be the worst, but they’ll be first” – since the Russians are in a hurry for their own reasons. But things are moving much | Read More »

    Granholm is Part of Obama’s Economic Advisory Team

    Comically, Governor Jennifer Granholm, D-Mich., has been named by President-Elect Barack Obama as part of his economic advisory team. With all due respect to the president-elect, this appointment is unbelievable and cause for great concern. In a word, Jennifer Granholm is incompetent. Further, if Jennifer Granholm is the excellence that he is surrounding himself with as we move into his administration, then America is in | Read More »

    It’s time for McCain to take off the kid gloves.

    **Barrack Obama’s finance advisor is Frank Raines, the CEO of the failed Ginny Mae Corp. Read all about how the Republicans tried to avert the financial crisis we face today at Barrack’s campaign funding needs a critical eye, foriegn contributions and fraudulant credit card activities topping the list. Barrack Obama and William Ayers were both associated with ACORN, the orginization responsible for fraudulent voter | Read More »