Are You A True Conservative?

    The issue is not who is “true conservative” or even a plain old conservative, but who is willing to gamble his own power to achieve a result beneficial to everyone. In the power struggle between the DC Establishment and grassroots, labeling of the two sides often conceals the battle lines.  Language frames the debate, and I am still not completely comfortable with the labels “establishment” and “grassroots”. | Read More »

    What Next For Sarah Palin?

    Cross posted at the 41st Vote. Sarah Palin’s shocking announcement today that she would not seek re-election as Governor and that she would be stepping down effective July 26th will trigger a firestorm of speculation and attacks, it already has.  Her stated reasons for leaving the Governorship early, to “pass the ball for victory” seems somewhat hollow given her popularity in Alaska.  Already, liberal pundit, | Read More »