Romneycare Blah Blah Blah

    Many of the pundits here and elsewhere seem to be on the attack against Mitt Romney because of his health care reform effort in Massachusetts known today as Romneycare. I think, whether one supports Mitt Romney or not, that this will be used by Obama should Romney be the GOP nominee. That is a given. That is a big proverbial “duh.” Pontificating about this inevitability | Read More »

    Dumpster’s Morning Dump 6/5/11

    It isn’t Paul Ryan who will push “Granny” over the Cliff; it is Obama and the Liberal News media

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    Sarah Palin is the true RINO

    She talks about a third party on Hannity when she knows that will give Obama 4 more years. Sarah Palin will never get independents and you can just throw out any chance of Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Ohio if she’s anywhere near the ticket. These same so called Conservatives support Donald Trump who just gave money to Rahm Emmanuel in Chicago. Mitt Romney is thr | Read More »

    Romney: Debate No Show

    Mitt Romney has decided to blow off the first Republican Presidential Debate co-sponsored by Fox News and the South Carolina GOP this Thursday night, May 5.  That’s all right with both Fox and SC Republicans, neither of whom hold Romney in high regard.  The decision is in keeping with Romney’s “stealth campaign” in which he refuses to participate in any venue which would require him | Read More »

    Trump’s response to news that Osama is dead

    Press statement by Donald Trump “I’m very proud of the role that I played in bringing about the death of Osama bin Laden.  If this is true, then I did something that no one else has done.  Hillary couldn’t get him killed.  Bush couldn’t get him killed.  I do, however, want my experts to examine the photographs and conduct an independent DNA analysis. I hope that what | Read More »

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    Farewell Birthers, Hello Transcripters

         Now that Barack Obama has publicly released a copy of his birth certificate, the great “birther” controversy can hopefully be put to rest.  But, like the diehard moon bats out there, some will not let it rest.  Instead, we have the whispered “Why now?” campaign gearing up.  Why now?  How about simple politics.  Why now?  Maybe because the accusations were beyond the ridiculous in | Read More »

    Clear The Rushes

    Every spring, large globs of rushes (floating dead cattails and other dead weeds) wind up in front of our families cabin. Some years, these giant globs of dead weeds move on the other beaches, other years, they just stay put, and must be cleared. If politics could be represented as a lake, the ‘rushes’, all the floating globs of weeds, have made their way to | Read More »

    Donald Trump: GOP Impostor

    Even before the news that Barack Obama’s birth certificate was being released to the public, I wanted to write a piece on why Donald Trump’s potential candidacy for the GOP nomination was a joke at best and intentionally harmful to the conservative movement at worst. Now he’s claiming credit for Obama’s release of the birth certificate and says he’s “proud” and “honored”. Donald Trump, whose | Read More »

    If We Are Forced To Choose Between Obama and Trump, the Left STILL Wins!

    Think about this: the Liberal Left is very close to attaining it’s goal of having a global government.  Now…do you think they’d let something as ‘trivial’ as the 2012 election come between them and all the progress they have made these last four years with Obama and his administration? Do you REALLY believe they wouldn’t try to rigg the 2012 election by promoting a Liberal ‘candidate’ | Read More »

    Free Trader for Tariffs

    I am a free trader. I firmly believe in free market principles, and with limited (very limited) regulation to guard against anti-competitive practices, the free market, be it local, regional, or international, works just about right. From Wealth of Nations to Milton Friedman, I think the jury is basically decided that Keynesian notions of central stimulus pale in comparison to the wealth actually created from | Read More »

    Not so Pumped for Trump

    It’s not that he doesn’t seem to be an ill person or his policy(in fact an export tax on China unless they establish human rights would attract me)…… its just he’s a celebrity and  don’t they have….. BAGGAGE and bunches and bunches of it. In addition it is also common knowledge that he backed a bunch of democrats and liberals in the past which doesn’t give | Read More »

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    Ann Coulter Is Right About Trump and Birthers

    Ann Coulter was being interviewed by Sean Hannity last night and she succinctly laid out the case against Trump and this resurgent interest in an Obama birth certificate. I’ve always thought this story was crap from day one. First, as Ann Coulter points out there is fundamentally no difference between the long form birth certificate and short form. They are both certified. Personally, I think | Read More »

    Donald Trump– Please Go Away

          Whenever I hear the possibility of Donald Trump seeking the Republican nomination, or even an independent run, this is the first thought that enters my mind: “Is this the best the party can do?”  The recent WSJ/NBC poll is disconcerting to say the least.  As a person who works for a Trump brand entity, I can safely state that Donald Trump is not the | Read More »

    Taking Trump Seriously?

    A few weeks ago I used this space to discuss the viability of the “dark horse” presidential candidacy of Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.  I would do the same for another “dark horse” (albeit a dark horse of a different color), Donald Trump.  If Barbour is the quintessential southern politician (if in mannerism if not governance), then Trump is the ultimate New York businessman.  Tough, cocky, | Read More »

    Mr. Trump – You’re Fired!!

    I congratulate BigGator5 for bringing Donald Trump’s total dishonesty to my attention. It both disgusted me, and reminded me that after posting this categorical rejection of Mike Huckabee as a potential GOP Presidential Nominee, I had to be fair when I blogged in anger. Thus I will dispense some more justice. Mr. Trump, get a haircut. You’re fired!