What is that big sucking sound??

    No doubt the sound of TV executives as the wind of change begin to blow. The health of the auto industry is symbiotic with television. Spending by the Big Three automakers–General Motors, Ford and Chrysler–contribute as much as 6 percent of total ad revenues for the top four TV networks, according to Advertising Age. The publication puts the figure at 9.2 percent for Fox network | Read More »

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    McCain Being Outspent Three To One On TV Ads

    McCain is being outspent by three to one of TV. If he loses, it may be the result of his own impetuous legislation. I’m not a grecophile, but I’m pretty sure that’s either ironic or tragic or both. This article and chart explains the discrepancy in ad spending. I’m not sure where all his public funding money went nor do I know where the RNC | Read More »

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    The View Inside the Convention

    One thing I enjoy about having the great opportunity to attend events like the RNC Convention is seeing how different things look and feel in person. Here are a couple things I never really internalized watching conventions on TV. First, the TV interviews are often haphazard. It seems someone will walk by a TV booth and someone will grab them and say “hey, Mr. X, | Read More »

    TV One to cover DNC and after-parties but not RNC

    TV One plans to cover the Democratic National Convention and even the Wrap Parties, but CEO Johnathan Rodgers has no plans to bring the Republican National Convention to his audience. According to the Associated Press, TV One reaches 43.7 million households—almost one half of homes in the US with TVs. The network targets African-American adults. Rodgers told the AP and other news media, “We are | Read More »

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